Is College Worth it or is a Tuition Worth It?

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There been questions among young kids is college worth it or is a tuition worth it? Looking at the pros and cons of going to college is surprising and it will determine which is the wiser choice. There people that says college is not worth it and there’s people that think otherwise by concluding facts. There’s research data, research experiment, and articles that would determine the answer. In my opinion college is worth it but depending on your career. You must question yourself does your career require a college degree?

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“Is College Worth it or is a Tuition Worth It?”

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I highly believe college is worth it and should be one of your life accomplishments. There been claims weather college is important or not, let’s look at the facts. A professor at George Mason University says’ Americans wastes hundreds of billions of dollars a year on a higher-educations system that teaches too little to too many. He right people are wasting billions of dollars for a high college degree because of the Name but then ends up in debt it’s so young to start off like that. There only 2 percent of premium college that got any reflecting actual learning and skill development according to Steven Pearlstein. The unfortunate reality, however, is that if their graduates earn a 67 percent wage premium, universities will continue to focus on ways to enroll more students rather than delivering better value to-and demanding more from- the students they already have. College and universities are still the best choice in my opinion, most direct path to a good career that pays well.

Derek Newton says, “About 9 in 10 seniors believed what they were learning in college was relevant to their career plans.” The analogy is flawed and wrong, let’s put like this, let’s say college student are customers, they are getting what they pay for. The employment marking is sending exceptionally clear signal that colleges work. There a 2017 report by Harvard Business School found degree inflation common and continuing and also found that “employers began hiring college graduates in search of higher talent quality’’.

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