Chronicles of the Evolution of the Main Characters in Films

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One of the best, yet most mysterious elements of a movie are to see how the main character will evolve. Humans are naturally curious about all sorts of topics, especially supernatural ones. Chronicles, a cinematic film created in 2012, is a film based on supernatural phenomenon, and the humans battle between “good and evil.” In the film, three teenagers bond after gaining telekinetic power from an unknown object. Two of the teenagers decide to only use the powers for good however, Andrew, a frequently bullied and abused child, has other plans with the powers. In Chronicles, Andrew has a dark and bad character evolution, which continues to spiral out of control to the end of the movie. In the coming paragraphs, I have depicted scenes from the movie that support my claim that Andrew is on a dark path.

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“Chronicles of the Evolution of the Main Characters in Films”

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The first scene in the movie that hints that Andrew will not be using his telekinetic powers for all good is when Andrew uses his powers to run a car off of the road. The car was aggressively driving behind them, almost causing a crash. Andrew used his telekinesis to push the car off of a medium sized cliff, falling to the bottom. The boys battle whether to stay and help or leave because of the police, eventually deciding to leave. This is the scene where it starts to become apparent that not everyone is naturally “good”, or when given special powers, some people abuse them.

The next scene that displayed disturbing behavior and a bad character evolution of Andrew is when Andrew’s dad confronted Andrew while drunk. His father had always confronted him like this in the past however, because of the special powers, he was now able to defend himself. During this scene Andrew’s father Richard tries to beat him up however, Andrew repels his fathers torments. Andrew’s outburst was so powerful that it signaled the other boys he was in distress by giving them unanimous nose bleeds. Steve, another boy with powers, tries to console him while they were flying up in the clouds. When Andrew gets upset with Steve following him, Steve is mysteriously struck by lightning. This is a turning point in the boys relationship and in the movie plot as well. Andrew becomes the black sheep who further withdrawals himself from school and society, and Matt starts to see Andrew is going down a dark path.

The last scene that is the most disturbing of the movie is when Andrew finally snapped and went to the dark side. After watching his mother be extremely ill and bed-ridden for the last year, Andrew decides to go rob a convenient store for medicine and other items. When the business owner grabs his shotgun, Andrew used his telekinetic powers to takes it however, it discharges causing a propane tank to explode. Andrew is now in the hospitals with serious burns when his father tells him his mother has died. Andrew finally flew off the handle going on a crime spree. He eventually was killed with the help of Matt when Matt figured out Andrew would not stop hurting people. It was a bitter ending however, I believe good will always prevail.

In conclusion I have included three scenes from Chronicles in which Andrew displayed bad or evil character evolution behavior, eventually leading to his death. The first scene was when Andrew ran a car off the road in the mountains. The second scene is when Andrew exploded and the mysterious death of his friend and fellow superpower buddy, Steve. The last scene described Andrew and his last string of crimes and hurting people before he eventually was killed.

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