On Human Superiority and our Responsibility for the Earth

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Are humans superior to other kinds of living beings, I think that we are. When people ask me this question, I of course think yes, we are superior. I am a spiciest in this aspect. In a burning building if there is a puppy and a baby trapped, I will save the baby human a thousand times over. I think that humans are superior because we are self-aware of our life situation, we know we will die, and we know how to give ourselves commodities that other less superior species can’t take advantage of. Just because I believe that humans are superior and more important than other animals doesn’t mean I believe that this is a good thing. Neither do I believe that because we are superior are we better for the Earth than other animals or life forms.

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“On Human Superiority and our Responsibility for the Earth”

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What I mostly mean is that we are better at things and our superiority is mostly in our heads. Humans are totally in charge of the Earth. I think that we have a duty here to make sure that the Earth is maintained in good shape, we haven’t been doing the greatest job at that I myself am a bit wasteful and a hoarder. Since I think that we are the superior breed on the planet, maybe then, we must keep things beautiful because we know what happens if we don’t. I am part of the team that thinks that we should use our brains for good.

The value of other life forms should not depend on whether or not they are useful to humans. I believe that the value of the other life forms, if there is choosing between some should depend on what that animal does for the environment. I think that every life form inherently does have a right to life because we all have a role in maintaining a healthy role and we keep each other in balance. Even life forms that are dangerous to humans have the right to live. I think that these life forms deserve life because we, like every other animal need something to control our population, too much of anything is not the best for the planet. Biodiversity is the best for the planet; every life form that dies out and is replaced by humans represents a threat to the heathy continuation of humans.

I don’t think that all economic growth is good, if the growth is hindering the health and happiness of more humans and life forms (whether they know it or not) than it is benefiting, then that can’t possibly be good. Sometimes the easiest path to money is not the healthiest for everyone. Sometimes the most available means for money isn’t even the best use of the environment nor does it yield the most profit. What I think happens is that we are trained to prefer certain things that go against nature and the environment because they bring us more comfort in the short term. I am by no means a naturalist, I don’t want to go back to the jungle, and I just think that we should better learn to compromise.

I believe that technology can help us create a better plan on how to use our resources and live better for our own sake. I also think that technology needs some improvement, just because the power for most of it comes from fossil fuels and we sort of need to have some clear air for the survival of most species out there including our own. Since I love people from different, younger generations than my own I think that the most important thing that I can do for them is try to help make sure there is a world for them to live in when they reach and pass my age. I think that the generations that came before me felt the same way but just didn’t have the best methods to go about it.

However time has passed and I know at least some things that I can do to help the world succeed or at least be less affected by my being here, so, it would be selfish of myself to hold back from that. As the more self-aware, superior, I dare say, species on the Earth I think that it is our responsibility to take care of other species and insure their welfare for the health of the planet to succeed for many generations after ours.

I hope the earth stays preserved for a long time because I quite like it here but my actions haven’t been the best. My eating habits are an area where I see I could improve. I eat a lot of takeout and that food often comes in Styrofoam containers, plastic containers, or is delivered to me via car. I think that if I tried to eat less takeout that I could help less garbage end up in the landfills.

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