Human Cloning: is it Morally Ethical?

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Human cloning has been the center of attention in the science world for years. It seems to always be a topic that pops up quite frequently. Human cloning is relatively known but there is always some realm of unknown. When two humans get pregnant, that is obviously a form of sexual reproduction. However, cloning is a form of asexual reproduction. When you would clone a human, you would take a part of a cell out of one human and then inject it into a host egg so then the work is already done for you. You have a human cell that just got injected into your egg. This baby would not be a child of yours. It would be your carbon copy clone. A clone has yet to be a title that a baby as been born with. Human cloning is a topic that many are debating if it is moral or ethical.

In my personal beliefs, I believe that human cloning is wrong. Any way you look at it, I still feel as though it is wrong and should not even be a possibility. As a Christian, I believe that human cloning is an act of playing God. I believe that God created us all individually and cloning human beings would make us have no need for Him. In Psalms it says, For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well (Psalm 139:13-14). This verse is everything to Christians. This verse is extremely special to me because when I feel worthless and I feel like God is not there, He is always there. He knew I would be born on April 20, 2003 even before my parents did. His hand was in every part of me being created. He knew that eventually I would go to school at First Coast Christian School. He knew it all before I was even thought of.

Over ninety-five percent of mammalian cloning attempts have resulted in some form of birth defect. Sometimes, the mammal is not even born alive. If it is born alive, it is extremely likely to be born with life threatening medical issues. I am not a totally heartless human being. I do see the side of infertile couples who would do anything just to have a baby. I do see that side of it. But if they have lost a baby before, they would get hopeful and this pregnancy may turn out just as the others have resulted in a miscarriage. Many of these complications come from what the female body creates when a child is conceived. These things, such as a placenta, are things that the female body produces when a child is living inside of them. Isn't it so super cool to see how God created women to be able to produce an organ every time they convince to be able to feed their child in the womb? I find this extremely fascinating. Not being feminist in any way shape or form, but God created women to be tough. I find it extremely amazing how the body just adapts to having a human being inside of you for nine months.

As I have said earlier, I believe that human cloning would push our society further and further away from God. Even if you are not a Christian, you still pray. Whether you know it or not, you pray. When you say to yourself help me get through today, that's a prayer whether you know it or not. Human cloning would take that hope away from everything. It wouldn't make anyone have to have any kind of hope because everyone could get pregnant if they wanted to. Pope John Paul II said Abortion, euthanasia, human cloning, for example, risk reducing the human person to a mere object; life and death to order, as it were! Humans would solely be an object and not a living creature that God made Himself.

In 2003, there was an experiment done to see if scientists could clone a cow. It is possible but as associated with cloning mammals, there are extreme side effects that come along with cloning. Olivier Sandra says the large amount of data our collaboration has generated sheds light on mechanisms that account for embryonic losses at implantation. This quote is everything to the against side of human cloning. It is a scientific fact that most cloning attempts have resulted in some loss of information in the implantation. In fact, under ten percent of cloning attempts, in general, have been successful. That does not mean the creature is born healthy. That only means that the creature is conceived. It was a successful implantation. That is all that means. Most of these cloned cows they studied were shown that while they did get conceived, they did include failure of implanting the embryo in the uterus and the body failing to make itself a placenta to feed the embryo.

While it is said that human cloning could be a therapeutic method, it could very easily be used in the wrong way therapeutically. Yes, it would be nice to have your loved one back with you but you are not God. You cannot say that just because God called them home, you will just create another one of them. That clone would never be their replacement. It would just be someone who looks like them. That clone may not even have the same personality or characteristics of that loved one that has passed. They may be a totally different person. And for me, bringing back a loved one that has passed and for them to not be the same person they were before, I would honestly rather them not be there. That would never be them. While it is an argument that everyone is slow to argue on, it is an extremely viable topic that many should do more research on therapeutic cloning before they think that it is okay.

Some people believe that if human cloning ever became scientifically safe, that in order to clone, you would have to clone the entire organism. However, that is not true. One of the cool things about cloning is that you are able to clone anything including a gene, a cell, or if you wanted to, an entire organism, such as a human being. While human cloning is an extremely interesting and popular topic to talk about, like many things in this world, there are always arguments against it. While these arguments are viable, this is one of the topics that you have to sit back, listen, and do your research in order to fully understand. One of the main arguments against human cloning is the aspect of variety.

One of the things I am most proud of our country is the many differences we have. There are all colors, shapes, and sizes of people who live in this country. There are immigrants, Native Americans, African Americans, whites, and Latinos. We have so much diversity in American and I absolutely love it. While it can be a means for someone to intend evil, it is often used for good. This year, America was found to have 61.72% of our population to be non-Hispanic whites, 17.66% Hispanics from any country, 12.48% African Americans, 5.28% Asians, 2.05% Biracial, and 0.73% American Indian or Alaska Native. I look at these statistics and do not see color. I see human beings who are proud to live in this country. If only our society could stop seeing color and see people for the intelligent humans they are.

With all of the diversity we have in this country, with human cloning, all of that would go away. There would either be a superior race or there would be a race of humans that would just totally fall off of the face of our planet. As I said before, I am a firm believer that God created us all individually, knows every hair on our head, and every intention of our heart. He somehow, in His divine power, knew that in the beginning when He created the world, that eventually there would be a Kaylee Murray. He knew that I would be born with dark brown curly hair and tan skin. With human cloning, there would be no need for Him. He would no longer be in the conception part of a baby's life. He would no longer place that child into its mother's womb. A doctor would do that.

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