Advantages of Technology Trends

In today’s society there are many technology trends that not only we as Americans use every day but the whole world uses on a daily basis. Today as we know it life on earth is evolving rapidly. It is important that we understand this change and try to adapt as fast as possible. If we educate our youth of this change early than they will have better understanding to this drastic change by the time they are adults. Today’s technology trends are spread out into a wide variety of groups, the main topics are the idea of the digital mesh, the progression of smart machines and the ever evolving new IT reality.

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“Advantages of Technology Trends”

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The first example is the idea of Digital Mesh. The digital mesh is the collection of devices including things, information, apps, services, businesses and other people that exist around the individual. As the digital mesh evolves, all devices including, information, resources, businesses, and individuals will be interconnected. One of the biggest examples of Digital mesh today is the company Uber.

Uber is an app for smartphones that lets users request rides from drivers for the company. Users can see how far away the driver is as well as ratings and reviews. Over the past 3 years Uber has developed into a multi million dollar industry. Now some people may not believe Uber to be a digital mesh but just in the past year there is evidence to prove that it is digital mesh. In order for something to become a digital mesh it must have room for improvements. Uber has since made the upgrade with the launch of Uber Eats. People can use Uber Eats to have food from anywhere delivered right to their door. Uber has used the “power grid” in metropolitan areas to better their success. Once you get that grid on phones and in people’s pockets in big cities the industry is bound to strive.

The next technology trend is the development of smart machines. Smart machines have made the aspect of life for humans much easier. Nowadays it seems as if everything can be done faster and better by a machine or computer. Smart machines are are a new level of intelligence. Decision making becomes a lot easier from machines that most require a high structured data grid to help in the deciphering of a more complex text. These smart machines also have self awareness. With this much self awareness many believe that smart machines will be able to work way beyond the human level. With that being said many experts believe this theory to still be three to four decades away. Researchers also believe that smart machines will be able to work beyond human capability. There are many different advantages to using smart machines. Smart Machines have the ability to manufacture products and goods at a fast rate or high quantity and still have no human standing beside it.

Smart machines can help an individual locate any type of information needed in a short amount of time. Also, smart machines are super-efficient. they can help you locate something that you do not know where it is at. they also can help find your way home to your home or someone else’s. if you don’t know how far something is away you can track how far it is before you leave or even track as you go. Smart machine communication has grown over the years tremendously. Smart machine communication originally emerged from telemetry technology, and its main purpose was to measure data and automatically transmit it from remote sources typically by cable or radio.

However, today individuals can do this using their smart machines. Intermachine communication has grown over the years and can perceive things better than humans. Human profiling can now be done using the internet. this is referred to as machine profiling. This is also very unsafe because random people can obtain confidential information pertaining to a specific human through machine profiling.

The last technology trend is the new IT reality. The new IT reality is ran by the main branch Multi-Cloud. Multi-Cloud should lead with a proven, reliable network. This leads to a well architected source. Some of these tasks include movement of applications from one provider to another, power to flexibly switch cloud providers and develope best case scenarios for new cloud applications.

Technology is developing every day at a record speed. It is important for us as humans in the era of the machine that we are prepared and learning about how technology is transforming. Today’s youth are going to have the most difficult time with this change due to by the time they have children of their own the possibility of flying elevated cars is a real scenario. We take that as a joke now but many experts do believe that it is possible.

The new IT reality also relates to the use of communication today. Like for example the new IPhones from Apple. They now have the option to use face recognition to unlock your phone. It keeps going from there, self driving cars, contact lenses with built in computers you name it. Although Many people are having a tough time adapting to this new way of life. Pretty soon this way of life will not be a new way of life but the only way of life.

In conclusion technology is changing everyday, whether we like it or not it is important that we as humans make sure we can adapt to this change. Many people often wonder … Will our kids have hover cars or will their phones be as thin as a piece of paper maybe they won’t have a phone at all. Maybe the screen will pop out of their palm like a projection. We may never know the answer to these questions but if we are able to adapt to the changes when they come then maybe our youth will be the next inventors with the next change of technology in generations to come.

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