Stages of Human Development

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Just by reading the paper, I’ve had a complete mind change on the aspects of human growth and development. The little things in life can change a child/ person which affects their entire life. The definition of development struck out to me for some reason which states: the pattern of movement or change that begins at conception though human the human life span. Human Development’s concepts and theories will hopefully give me a better understanding to explain why people act in different kinds of situation that they have. I personally believe these life lessons will make me appreciate the value of taking Human Development class. Development is lifelong!

Human growth and development focuses over the lifespan, as well as careers that help people deal with various physical, intellectual, and socioemotional issues. Having background knowledge in human growth and development from before birth, through childhood, into adulthood, and through death and grief will help in life with parenting, lifestyles, relationships and better help me understand myself and others in life. Also it is very important that I share this information with others so they are able to recognize development through out the lifespan and how an individual behavior can be impacted based on factors that occur in life from conception to death.

Biological Beginnings

Prenatal development is a very important aspect in life, a mother is experiencing many different changes to her body and health. Learning about this information makes you more aware of all the trimesters, growth development of a baby at their weeks and the different characteristics are pregnant person is enduring. Birth is so fascinating. I’ve experience and heard many people stating that is the only time you will ever feel so empowering, strong, magical, surreal, and euphoric, is during birth. No other feeling in the world.

Prenatal development usually occurs during the 38- 40 weeks prior to the birth of a child. During each prenatal stage, environmental factors affect the development of the fetus. The developing fetus is completely dependent on the mother for life, and it is important that the mother receives prenatal care. Being aware of this information is very important and beneficial to me and mainly female’s because one day we will experience this beautiful journey. Watching the video in class was very inspiring, observing the different stages that the body endures to support a baby and the mother. It’s amazing to watch a human carry another human being inside of them and gives you a different aspect and view on everything that you would need to be aware of when that time


Infancy happens 0-2 years old. Baby month by month development journey is amazing. At this stage, it is hard for new moms to believe how much their life has changed. Babies are completely dependent on their parents but you’re completely in love with them. All babies do is eat, sleep, cry, and poop while you are losing hours of sleep. In my point of view, the first three months is a sensitive age for children because they are aware of the outside world and cannot communicate with their parents. Babies are quick learners. At this age babies are absorbing everything that is around them. Babies and toddlers are changing through new experiences and multiple interactions. Parents and families are essential in making sure that your infant isn’t absorbing information that they shouldn’t. I’ve learned that the way we interact with babies is very important based on development. My mom and others have always said there is not a right or wrong way in raising a child.

Babies spend most of their time in REM sleep until they are developed. I’ve been advised to avoid SIDS, the baby should sleep on his or her back and it is best for the mother to breast feed the baby for the best nutrition. First of all, the first three months physical grew up rapidly both weight and height. The size of infant’s brain has enlargement. They have early sensory capacities such as hearing, they can hear basic language sound that is “phonemes”, vision they can scan colors, objects and faces. A two month old can perceive different colors. Smell and taste they like the sweet taste and smell like breast milk. The Infant is responsive to touch and also temperature and position changes at birth. The sequence of motor development is universal, most babies usually roll over, crawl, walk etc.. but sometimes timing is different to each individual.

Early Childhood

Early Childhood is the key to a full and productive life. Early childhood is the most and rapid period of development in a humans life. Early childhood is from age 2 to five- seven years old; play years. It is important to understand your child early because they are going through emotional, social and physical development that will affect them as an adult. Investing in young children is so important to me because it is easier to maximize their future well-being. Babies begin to learn and observe their surroundings in the world from a very early age before and after birth.

Children’s early experiences are from the bonds that they receive from their parents, caregivers, friends and family. Children’s first learning can affect their future developments based on what kind of environment they are exposed to. Educating myself has benefitted me and the interactions that I have with others. Also, it lets the child feel love and trust others. Interactions with early programs lets children meet their educational needs.

Middle and Late Childhood

It is in late childhood that the first signs of puberty usually begin to appear. A lot of growth is experienced by both boys and girls during late childhood. Middle to late childhood are basically school years, a child who is about six years old until about eleven years old. This stage is summarized as the school years because over the world children at this age attend school or receive some kind of education. Physical growth has slowed down to allow cognitive development to happen.

From working at an elementary school I’ve had the opportunity to interact with children of this age. Most children are eager to learn, pick up on skills quickly, and begin to think logically as long as what they are thinking about is not too advanced. During this stage, social skills also develop rapidly. Children see their parents as helpful, teachers as fair, and their friends as loyal. They develop a concrete sense of right or wrong. However, some children face difficulties such as learning disabilities or change in family structures due to their background and environmental effects. At the beginning of the school year in August there was a Hispanic girl Emily who was unable to speak any English at all. Currently we are in December, her English has improved drastically. It is so amazing and inspiring that in only four months she has went from speaking zero English to being able to speak and understand English.


During this stage, learning about the different changes that teens are going through are important because you will be aware of what to expect when your child or someone you know are going through stage. At this age most people are trying to figure out their sexual identity. Also being aware of others sexual behaviors and the many transitions that are occurring. Going through this stage was very difficult for me.

I experienced a lot of things. I went through a major identity crisis. I didn’t know what to do. Most bodies that go through puberty experience weight gain, hormonal changes, periods etc... Every teen including myself has gone through these developmental milestones in order to enter adulthood, but it was very important to me to keep in mind that social, physical and emotional changes varies slightly from one person to another. For example, I started getting curves in my body when I hit puberty. My body started to develop changes such as mood swings, acne.

I enjoyed learning about Adolescence. In this stage, individuals begin to accept their physical and gender role, establish relationship with older people, become emotionally independent from their parents and families, develop intellectual and social skills, and prepare for a career and family life. Understanding adolescence will help me as a parent one day to understand the difficulties of my children and to better guide them in the crossroads that they will face.

Early Adulthood

This stage happens during the late teens and early 20s. Early adulthood is the stage I am currently in, and Erikson’s conflict for this stage is Intimacy vs. Isolation. The main focus is building relationships. If you do not gain close relationships, or intimacy, you are isolated from others.

For me being independent means that I can take care of myself on my own. I am responsible financially for my basic living needs. Also I’m at the age where I can think for myself and make my own judgments. In addition to that I would be emotionally sound to the things that I receive from my parents which I value the most. My parents provide an emotional support system that has no hidden agenda. They’ve always there; be it loving, strict, caring, or demanding. Like it or not, I know they have my best interests in mind and in practice. I mostly value their teaching through both demand and examples. I’ve learned how they bear responsibility; treat others in the family and community, their citizenship in voting, their support of community, country and the value of honesty and education.

Middle Adulthood

Every stage in life brings new opportunities, hopes, and wishes. Despite the fact that I’ve missed some opportunities, didn’t pursue several things that I had wished I did, lost a few extremely valuable lifetime achievements, and was disappointed by others, I still believe that the second half of my life is going to be better than the first half.

I believe that I have accumulated enough wisdom, skills and resources to be able to handle any hardship that is coming my way. Of course, every struggle is simply going to magnify and confirm my ability and value in life and society. Early adulthood is the stage I am currently in, and Erikson’s conflict for this stage is Intimacy vs. Isolation. The focus is building relationships. If you do not gain close relationships, or intimacy, you are isolated from others. Isolation is generally a maladaptive behavior, because humans are social animals.

Late Adulthood

Late adulthood ranges from ages 60- 80 years old. Many people are looking forward to having grandbabies, retirements, and traveling. At this age, people are going through many critical sickness like old age, dementia, cataratic, Alzheimer disease. Many diseases find late adulthood as an opportune time to affect people. Eventually, whether caused by disease or another reason, every individual dies. This stage of life is a time when the bodily processes and functions may be decreasing, Late adulthood should be a time in a person's life where they feel fulfilled. They can look back on their memories and be happy with the way they have lived their life. Now, too many elderly people are not satisfied and look at this stage as depressing. Most fear death of either a loved one or for themselves. This topic is interesting to me because elderly people should make the best of their last stage of life. This chapter discusses about getting older, the life changes that they go through physically, emotionally, and mentally. We should know more about it so that we can help our family and friends get through one of the best, yet toughest part of our mortal life.

Millennials and middle aged adults have prejudice against each other because of their age. Being on the road at times you always have that one person who is driving really slowly until you pull up next to them and it’s an older person who should not be on the road at all. Also technology is a big factor. Most older people have flip phones and have no idea how to work a smart phone or computers. Most times older people see their grandchildren, family members on their cell phones 24/7. Back in their ages, cellphones and technology did not have such a huge impact on our lives. I will always hear my grandparents even my mom sometimes, “you are always twiddling your thumbs”. Today we cannot live without our cell phones.

Death, Dying, and Grieving

Death is something that everyone expects to happen at some point in time but you just don’t know when it will happen so there is no preparation unless an individual has been battling with a sickness for a while then you are left with no choice of having to prepare funeral arrangements etc... Death is a very hard thing and everyone handles it very different. I watched a filmed, “The Sea Inside” which the main character Ramon Sampedro was in bed for 26 years from a diving incident that left him paralyzed from the neck down. Ramon was very opposed to assisted suicide but wanted the right to die with dignity. Ramon fought with Spanish courts for years for medically assisted suicide. This film was the perfect example of Assisted Suicide vs. Euthanasia.

The hardest deaths to deal with is losing your significant other. To me I find that all deaths are the hardest because that person is gone forever and that you will never be able to see, speak, laugh, cry or make memories with them anymore. I found this chapter to be very important in my life right now because my boyfriend’s family is currently dealing with a family member being very sickly. He’s having a very difficult time coping with the issue which is very visible that he is in the denial and Isolation stage but also is at the anger stage because he feels like he doesn’t have anyone due to the fact that his parents are out of town spending there last moments with this specific family member and after reading this chapter it has allowed me to share some of the insights that I learned and how I could help him with his very difficult time.

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