How Much Time you Spent Play a Video Game?

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Have you ever thought about how much time you spent play a video game? Or have you ever thought about are video games bad or good?Video games should be banned because it causes many harsh problems for a person.

Video games should be banned because of violence. Have you ever raged at a video game so much that you broke something? There are many incidents about parents killing their child because of video games, like when a mother killed her 17 year old boy because he kept using disrespectful language while playing video games, and there is another one when a young boy stabbed to death because of his uncle raging at a video game, and there's one when a 14 year old girl shot her brother because he interrupted her gaming session while playing gta, and there was a boy who shot his grandmother because he was mad while playing gta, and there was one boy who shot BOTH his parents because he was playing cod and lost many times, then he found a gun in the closet and decided to shoot both his parents because he was in rage, and a man killed his step son for loud noises from playing video games, all these children, friends, parents KILLED their parents, children,friends

Video games should be banned because of many health problems

There are many health problems that come from video games. Like fatigue, fatigue is when a person is extremely tired, and video games cause poor hygiene, poor hygiene is when a person doesn't wash themselves for a long time,video games can cause migraines from intense concentration or could cause eye strains, you could get carpal tunnel syndrome which titans the carpal tunnel which tightens the carpal tunnel in your wrist,these are only some of the problems video games cause.

Video games should be banned because of there cost.

Video games like ark survival evolved cost $59.99 us dollars, that's a lot for just a game, the concept of the game is the player tames dinosaurs and crafts himself gear to survive in a island filled with kinds of dinosaurs. Another game is overwatch which cost 39.99 to 59.99 pounds, the concept of this game is 6 players in a team and another 6 players in another team and they fight with the character of their own choice. Another game is called no man's sky which is a game where the player gathers resources to fix his space ship and when he does he could go to space and visit many creatures and many galaxy's. There are 2 games that come from an animation called dragonball, the first is dragon ball xenoverse which cost $49.99, the games concept is you fight evil people to save the course of history, the other game is called dragonball fighterZ which costs $73.99 and the games concept is to fight clones of good people which made them evil, but the game is in 2d, think about all this money and think about all the things you could buy with all that money like maybe chairs maybe tables or plates or any kind of silverware Or you could buy a laptop or iPad for school or pens pencils notebooks bags water bottles, all this money wasted because a person is attracted to a game and is like take my wallet and give me the game.

Video games should be banned because of social problems

It causes anxiety social phobia poor grades in school, dictated gamers neglect their relationships with friends and family and video games could cause depression and shyness, all that will leave him in his room isolated from the world in his room lonely playing video games slowly dying of the health problems that are caused by video games, people stay in there room for more than 10 house playing video games, people get sick and not go to the hospital because of their shyness and need a person to get them to the hospital, his family or friends are not always there and there has been incidents that people have died because of there isolation from the world and kept playing video games while they were sick and we're too shy to talk to anybody.

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