Video Game Designers

Video game designers are some of the most important people on Earth. They are typically known as the people that made somebodies favorite game. While doing research on video game designers it was surprising to see the duties that they had to take care of for that job. Some of them included giving test stipulations, viewing films, graphic arts, music, and TV to come up with new ideas. ( While that may seem like too much, that was only a few, there is plenty more to be named. All of the duties noted for this occupation could make someone who is really considering the job reconsider. An individual that looks for work in this field should strongly consider the things that has to be done in order succeed at the job. They will have to be prepared for hard work. Even though this job comes with a large amount of duties, the pay could change a person’s mind. Each year they make around 34,681 to 109,656 dollars. (2018 PayScale). This is more than enough money for someone to sit inside of an office area every day. Another thing about video game designers is the fact that video game designers also make money from commissions. Every year they earn 9,875 dollars in commission alone. (2018 PayScale). If a person finds out that they can make that much money from commission alone, then they should be willing to take their chances with the career. People who are looking to become a video game designer should also look into the necessary training they will have to complete after high school. Video game designers would have to complete a total of three different trainings. These include: software application training, story and character development training, and last but not least market training. (Campbell, Rhonda). A video game designer would have to make enough time after high school to go through this training while at the same time go through college. After completing training, video game designers would have to get additional certifications. Most game programming certificate programs require video game designers to complete 4-5 courses. These courses include: game mathematics, 3D graphics programming, game engine architecture, computer animation, C++ programming for game designers, game development, and basic physics. These programs can span from a few months to a year at a time. Some colleges require students to do a final project which involves students working together to complete their own computer game. (2003-2018 The work environment for video game designers is self-explanatory. Video game designers may do some work as contractors, while making games by themselves. (Thompson, Van). Some may work from home, while others work from offices. (Thompson, Van). Video game designers usually work inside cubicles for 40 hours a week. This only when a new game is not coming out, or the company has no work to be done. If this is not the case video game designers only work for 40 hours. (Thompson, Van). The demand for video game designers seems to be decreasing. It was close to 64,400 jobs in 2014. With a small growth in jobs, only about 3,900 jobs are expected over time. (2003-2018 The demand for video game designers decreasing could lead to people looking into other jobs because they think it would be impossible to get a job as a video game designer. Video game designers who work long enough can make advancements in the job. Though it is not many advancements, video game designers can become computer programmers, computer game designers and graphic designers. To make these advancements a person would at least need a bachelor’s degree. (2003-2018 Even though there is advancements video game designers can make, there are also careers share similarities. Some of the careers would be 3-D artists and animators, computer programmers, and game testers. (Crossley, Leonor). 3-D artists and animators create the visual image in a video game. Artists and animators must understand geometry, love art and have artistic talent, be skilled in computer design software, and remain open to criticism. (Crossley, Leonor). Computer programmers write software to make the game run properly. Programmers make up about 50 percent of all gaming positions. Programmers must stay on top of improvements and advancements. (Crossley, Leonor). Lastly, game testers play games to catch technical difficulties and glitches before the game can be released to the public. Game testers may make suggestions; therefore excellent written communications are needed to gather reports to fix bugs. People may think it is the dream job, but game testers will have to play the same level over and over again to assure that there are no bugs and glitches. (Crossley, Leonor). Many schools offer degrees in video game design. Some of the schools would be The University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida, Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida, and Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan. The University of Central Florida requires a bachelor’s degree , a score of 300 on the GRE, a 3.0 GPA, and a folder that showcases talents in video game designing. (2018 Successful Student).

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