Sociloogy Violence in Video Games

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More than 150 million Americans play video games and 64 percent play video games at least 3 hours a week. Since most technologies are advancing, more and more ideas and games are being created. That means more and more video games are bought and played for hours everday. Playing too much video games can cause violence put children in a dangerous way.

The research shows that video games do affect kids and teens behavior by making them more aggressive. Whenever kids play video games, the game has some sort of weapon to fight the villains, monsters, or other characters that come to get them. “I find that when my kids, (ages 10and 8), aredon playing video games they tend to be more aggressive with one another… We do not allow any videos that are overtly violent, but even with the milder ones, they’re usually shooting ray guns or driving and crashing cars plus listening to very loud music” (Wilkins). Those weapons might be guns and hammers. Young children are introduced to these dangerous weapons whenever they play it. The graphic screen that shows blood burst out of bodies and weapons making loud noises is just way too much for young kids. Plus the level of intensity to be able to survive in the game makes them aggressive. “24 studies from countries including the U.S., Canada, Germany and Japan found those who played violent video games such as Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty and Manhunt were more likely to exhibit behavior such as being sent to the principal’s office for fighting or hitting a non-family member” (Snider, 2018). The actions kids do in real life, like fighting, can connect to the actions of what the characters do in the game.

Kids and teens come home and play video games and parents might not be aware of who they are playing with. This is very dangerous for gamers because they don’t know who they are playing with. “...said Lt. James Bacon, Games and apps are popular with kids, so they are popular with predators. One because that’s where the kids are. And two, im a 50-year-old guy who can use the persona of a 12-year-old boy and there's no way to find out” (Suiters, 2015). Kids don’t realize the danger they are on because they are too focused on getting the highest scores or passing the next level. Some video games allow gamers to talk to who they are playing with once they add the player as a friend. It only takes a click of a button to send a friend request to another player. Some might hack their information and show at their doorstep. According to a mother of a teenager, “I locked down our family phone, our laptop, but I never dreamed the PS2 would be a portal to predators” (Suiters, 2015). Imagine someone knocks at the door when your parents aren’t home and you have no idea who it could be. Child predators are smart enough to get personal information around young kids without kids knowing.

Although some may argue that playing video games can strengthen people’s attention and the ability to engage in multiple tasks, many other activities like sports can also do the same thing. Instead of locking yourself in a dark room to play video games, people should talk to their friends, communicate socially with new people or focus on important things in their lives. According to a site, “It is reported that a huge percentage of adults are so addicted to gaming devices that they prefer playing to attending a social gathering.” Its not just adults that do it, it's also children. Many kids just nod their heads or say okay to their parents while playing video games. They don’t pay attention on what’s going around them. A kid’s relationship with their parents is very important. Going outside to spend time with your friends and family benefits you even more as a person than playing video games.

Over the years, our technology has advanced which made many interesting games like virtual reality. Playing video games for a long time can have consequences and its important to know what they are. The time wasted by playing can distant you from friends and families and child predators are waiting to get what they want. They're are adults and kids out there who would gladly want to live your life. It is important to focus on the reality and not what’s on the screen.

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