My Favorite Game

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Fortnite is the best game of 2018 because it consistently adds new material and updates weekly and allows people to play together creating a healthy gaming community. Fortnite includes techniques from many different games making it unique from others. Fortnite has seasons and they each last a month long. Within those seasons you get better by playing the game to improve your rank. Fortnite came out in 2017 but blew up in 2018 and is now the biggest game worldwide.

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“My Favorite Game”

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Fortnite is like the Hunger Games, there is 100 people who parachute out of a plane to the ground and fight to the death until there is only one person standing. To improve your rank there are challenges in Fortnite that you can accomplish and by being the last person standing out of 100. The longer you last the more you rank up and the more items you unlock. This game will have the player on the edge his/her seat with lots of adrenaline rushing through your body. By the end of the match you will either be screaming with joy or in tears.

Challenges are what keep people consistently playing Fortnite non-stop. The more challenges you complete the more items you unlock. The harder the challenge is the better reward will end up being. The most common items to unlock are skins and dance moves. Skins in the game is a character’s costume or what they look like and skins tell if a player is good or bad. The rare skins take up to a month to get, Fortnite takes a lot of time and dedication to get good at. Its an online game meant to be played with your friends to battle other people all around the world, but you can play in private matches against just your teammates to see who the best is.

What makes Fortnite the best game of 2018 is the happiness of being the last one standing out of 100 people. That’s called taking a “W” also known as a win and you get a lot of bragging rights to your friends. It’s also the fastest way to level up in the game, but extremely difficult. the other thing that makes me happy in Fortnite is when I out smart an opponent and kill him. My favorite weapon of choice would have to be the double pump shotgun strategy. Two to three shots with a pump shotgun and the opponent is down for good. My favorite place to land in Fortnite in called “Tiltled Towers” it’s where about 50 percent of the people will be at so its very active and never a dull moment at tilted. There is a lot of close encounters so the shotguns come in handy.

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