Siblings Relation and Video Games

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Many hypotheses were posed as a part of this article. The authors made the hypothesis that if siblings played video games together, this would lead to more affection between siblings and less conflict. Siblings are be working together and interacting when they play video games together. They also guessed that if siblings played violent video games together, they would be less affectionate towards each other; However, if they played positive social games, this would be the opposite. It follows that siblings will act the way the game acts. Another hypothesis was that a sibling that plays video games alone would be less affectionate toward their sibling. This sibling will spend more time playing games and less time with their other sibling, so they will not be as affectionate toward each other. Lastly, they thought that brothers would gain the most benefit from playing video games together. Playing video games is common among boys, so they could get the most benefit from playing together. The authors looked at video game context when it came to siblings. This means that the authors looked at what differences occur based on who the player plays the video game. Specifically, in this study, they looked at what results playing with a sibling would cause. The authors also considered content and amount when looking at video game relationships. How much a sibling plays video games and what the game is about may be what causes siblings to be more or less affectionate after playing together. Multiple demographics were looked at during this study. Children in this study were between the ages of 13 and 18 and had to have a sibling. This is important because this helps the study stay focused in on a more specific type of sibling relationships. The study also picked participants from different places. Participants were chosen from a medium and large sized city that were, respectively, in the Mountain West and Northwest United States. By selecting participants from different places, the study has a wider range and is therefore more credible. In the study The majority of families were of European American ethnicity (65%), followed by multi-ethnic (20%), African American (11%), Asian American and Hispanic (

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