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Video game phenomena is increasing its revenue fast for its popularity. This year it is estimated that the video game players around the world will probably spend $138 billion on purchasing video games this year. The video game popularity has become an entertainment tool for all ages. In the early 1960's the intent of creating this video games were meant for a research project not entertainment. The U.S military took advantage of these simulations to imagine situations of war. Around 1960's, video games became publicly known and it is believed that the SpaceWar was the first popular game developed by college graduate students that was considered an art in programming language. It was known for its computerized violence in the early years. It wasn't until the 1970's, when the computer video games became globally popular. By 1982, approximately 8 million American homes owned a video console, this generated annual revenue that is estimated around $3.8 billion. The popularity of these games increased by a mass of audience who wanted to have fun and enjoy the adrenaline of competition. It became a relief of some people when stress becomes overwhelming, some make was just an addicting hobby, others it was for competition and some it become a profession, where now they earn millions of dollars if they win a tournament. It has changed lives of many others to riches, bullies, depression, some to destruction, anger, rage, suicides, weight that is leading to obesity in teenage kids and recently the mass shooting that happened in Florida for a gamer lost in the tournament. The video game industry is accelerating as involvement of younger people, college women on campuses is increasing. Most of teenagers play video games several hours a day and neglect their school work. It is getting so popular more than movies, or TV. I have saved so much money monthly for cable TV, I had to shut down the cable for my son no longer is interested watching TV but only playing his video games. I would propose that creators or video game engineer to put a limit of two hours each day to especially, the extremely violent games, when it reaches the 2 hours limit it should automatically shuts down and one cannot play the game until the following day. The same should apply to all other games, the console will recognize per the user login information that he has played his limit for the day for any violent games and wherever he goes he will not have access to play until the next day. Another idea or proposal is to create some codes that will ask educational questions and if the question is answered right that is the only time you can proceed to the next level, this will only apply to teenagers. For any curse words will be detected by the console and the gamer will fall a step backward and try and regain speed again to catch up with the rest of the gamers, and team work is encouraged getting the right answers. Another activity that the video game engineers could implement, is after every hour of playing a game, the console should automatically pause and display a workout video to motivate the gamer to move around after each hour of playing a game, this will promote healthy lifestyle.
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