Effects of Globalization Towards our Culture

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Impact Of Globalization On Culture Essay

How does Globalization Affect Cultural traditions? Globalization is very synonymous to us for the past few years. It can be defined as a process by which regional economies, societies, and cultures have become integrated through a global network of communication, transportation, and trade. Globalization also has made a vast change in every angle of humans life and one of it is, our cultural tradition could be affected due to the globalization process. Culture is what people eat, how they dress, the beliefs they hold and activities they practice. Globalization has joined different cultures and made it into something different. There are three things that could be affected: Food culture, traditional attire, and traditional performing arts. First and foremost, Globalization is the fundamental cause of food culture to be transformed. As we know, food is the oldest global carrier of culture and It reflects the culture and identity of particular races or nations. For instance, “Nasi Lemak resembles the food culture of Malay. Any change in the food that we eat, in its preparation, the way it’s served and consumed diminishes the traditional beliefs of the people.

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“Effects of Globalization Towards our Culture”

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Today, someone in America can be eating Japanese noodles for lunch while someone in Malaysia is eating classic Italian meatballs. How did this phenomenon happen? It shows that Globalization has caused the spreading of culture throughout the world and food is one of it. People of a particular country not just eat their own foods but also other foreign foods. However, this circumstance could harm our food culture. As there are various kinds of foods, people tend to look for other food different from their own food, for example, fast food like McDonald’s. This could lead to the abandoning of our own food and consume more foreign foods and then, deteriorate the culture and identity of particular ethnicities. Hence, we could say that, Globalization affects cultural tradition in food. Furthermore, Globalization has also spread the foreign fashions throughout the country.

Foreign culture especially western culture seen by many peoples as the deals. They feel that international culture as good for them. As a result, they tend to follow these cultures and we can see many people started to wear jeans, skirts and what not. As Globalization has made the trade became global and faster, cloth products from foreign countries can easily enter this country. So, people can easily get foreign clothes in various supermarket all over the country. As time goes by, people that wear others attire is increasing gradually while on the other hand, the traditional attire are less worn and only be worn in certain places or events, not so frequent as before. As a conclusion, Globalization does affect the traditional attire of particular ethnicities as they tend to wear foreign clothes as it is regarded as international attire. In addition, another effect of Globalization is the deterioration of traditional performance arts due to the entrance of a lot of foreign influences in performing arts. One of the kinds of performing arts is music. Every ethnic or nation have their own traditional music and it is part of the culture. But, in this Globalization era, traditional music and songs have declined gradually.

People nowadays tend to look for modern music like Rock, Pop and RnB rather than hearing to traditional songs. They are also attracted to foreign artists such as American artists as they bring modern music that fulfills the need of people in this century. Not just that, local artists also tend to follow western styles of performance when performing on the stages. When this occurs, traditional music will slowly forget by people as they lured with the international music style. For instance, “wayang Kulit” is a very happening and famous performance in Malaysia before, but now there is too little performance of this cultural art. So, we could say that foreign performance arts have made traditional performance arts are being left aside.

As a conclusion, It is proven that Globalization caused foreign cultures can easily diffuse to culture in many countries and started to transform them to be different or even vanished them. It is also undeniable that Globalization does affect particular ethnic cultural traditions as people acknowledge the foreign cultures as they think it is good for them. At the same time, their cultural tradition could be abandoned as they practiced more foreign cultures than their own culture.

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