Social Media & Harassment in the Workplace

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We live in a generation of technology that has evolved us towards incredible measures. Technology has impacted the medical field, the world of science, businesses and many more organizations greatly. An example of one of the advances made is cell phones. Cell phones are the milestone for the development of technology. They allow wireless communication and access to the internet. They have made life easier on a day-to-day basis, but with all these advances comes negative aspects.

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“Social Media & Harassment in the Workplace”

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Everyone is entitled to privacy and respect no matter the circumstances. These principles have not been taken into consideration by many people over the years. Even with technology being one of human’s best creations, they are used to disrespect humans in many ways.

A camera has been developed into the cell phone throughout the years with the quality improving with them. They are used to capture life’s moments but are abused by the person in control. Blackmailing and bullying have worsened over time with digital photographs becoming the root of the problem.

Privacy violations have been broken with these devices, even in the workplace. Video recording or taking photographs of patients, colleagues, customers, or anyone not giving consent has led organizations to develop policies to minimalize these situations. Many of these victims have filed charges against the one responsible for the recordings or photographs.

An example of a violation of respect and privacy is of a situation involving a patient and a nurse aide. The nurse aide took a picture of an incontinent patient’s genitals covered in fecal matter and shared the photograph with a staff member in Greenfield Health and Rehabilitation Center. The nurse aid faced a misdemeanor count and was given a year of community service.

Due to these actions, there have been precautions taken to make the work environment more strict and safer.

In October 2015, Lifehouse Vista Healthcare Center experienced an event involving elderly abuse. Two employees were assisting a seminude patient to enter a shower when one of the employees began to film her. The remaining employee, standing behind the victim, began to laugh, not stopping the recording. They were both fired from the nursing home for their actions. One employee was charged with misdemeanor counts of elderly abuse and invasion of privacy. Due to this incident, the nursing home began drafting new and stricter policies.

Actions have been taken for the use of cell phones to make patients, members, and customers feel safe. Still, these aren’t the only problems in workplaces. Harassment is a big issue, but according to Fairy God Boss, seventy-five percent of harassment victims experience retaliation when they report it.

Harassment is not only unnecessary touching, but it is also crude language, hostile physical contact, telling offensive jokes, and many other abusive encounters. According to CNBC, about one in five Americans had experienced harassment in the workplace. Both men and women experienced harassment, but the majority affected were women.

Faragher v. City of Boca Raton is a case involving sexual harassment. Beth Ann Faragher resigned from her lifeguard job due to sexual harassment from her supervisors. They groped her along with other female coworkers, spoke about sexual topics, invited them to shower together, and even entered the female locker room. Faragher decided to act against the city of Boca Raton and her supervisors.

A distinct case containing sexual harassment is Burlington Industries, Inc v. Ellerth. Kemberly B. Ellerth was working for Burlington Industries for 15 months before quitting her job due to sexual harassment by her employer, Ted Slowik. Slowik commented on Ellerth’s physical appearance and stated he can make her job “very easy or very hard”. She later received a promotion without encountering him. She decided to keep quiet on this action even though she was aware of Burlington’s policy against sexual harassment. She decided to challenge Burlington claiming they forced her constructive discharge.

Both women acting against the harassment brought up one question; Are employers liable for their employee’s actions? The extensive cases concluded employers are responsible.

These two cases created a precedent that would change our future today. It is used in the medical field extensively.

A doctor committing negligence of a patient can result in finding the hospital liable for his actions. The precedent has allowed victims of committed torts gain compensation or justice for the emotional and physical damage caused.

Although previous cases brought positive outcomes, there are still many problems not resolved. Some individuals have found loopholes in the law. They use them to abstain from punishment for their wrongful acts.

Various protests are acting now to bring harassment and abuse of power to a halt. Despite the many years of fighting against these vicious acts, a substantial amount of people has kept hope within. Hope that someday respect and privacy may be considered by everyone. Hope that someday every individual will be treated equally.

Progress has been made, but a lot is still yet to achieve.

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