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Baseball Community

Motivation can help anyone in many ways, children can have a role model they always look up to. For example, a student-athlete can have a lot of people who come into mind, but for now, it can be anyone they look up to. Many children are not involved in sports, mostly in the Caribbean Islands, […]

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Baseball vs Softball

Baseball and softball are both competitive sports for males and females at any age. Both are skill requiring sports and require passion for the game. Although they share the same objective, they are different. The biggest difference in these two sports is the pitching style and size. While baseball pitchers deliver the ball overhand or […]

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Americans Are More Involved With Football than Baseball

The debate over which sport truly ranks as America’s favorite team sport is part of a long and rich history of sports propagandizing. Some will argue baseball is America’s team sport. When we reflect on our American Heritage, images of baseball, the Statue of Liberty, bald eagles, and perhaps most often, apple pie, immediately come […]

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History of Baseball

Being a game brought to the North Americans by immigrants, it was more than a bat and ball game. To the parents of that era, the term ballplayer was not a career that a kid would have pursued and a parent contends with such an idea. This is because baseball did not entirely have a […]

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Design of a Baseball

The forces going with or against a baseball change the way that baseball is played and change the design of a baseball. Drag can be described as the wind or air resistance against an object. There are 2 types of drag: pressure drag and skin friction drag. Both forces could be working on a baseball […]

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Bankruptcy in Baseball

Give a general background of the company In America, there are many different organizations and franchises that people invest billions of dollars into. Many fields of entertainment are examples of these organizations. What makes people invest into these assets are the involvements and beliefs of watching something grow. Baseball has always been an American Sport […]

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Jackie Robinson – the Hero of Baseball

The film 42 was released in 2013, it is a sports film written and directed by Brian Helgeland about the race segregation and the first African American baseball player Jackie Robinson. It is the PG-13 film. In the paper, I will analyse how film 42 depicts the racial difficulties Jackie Robinson faced during the baseball […]

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The History of Colorado Baseball

When thinking about great American past times one that comes to mind more often than not is Baseball. This competitive and engaging sport is more than just a game. For some it’s how family time is spent for others it’s a career, but how did this sport come to be one of the greatest of […]

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Racism and Adversity in Professional Baseball

Baseball is known as America’s favorite pastime. Incorporating baseball to a sociological perspective, you can begin to understand how the game is viewed to function in the society in which it is played, and how society impacts the game. Northern American sports has suffered immensely from the division, labels, and stereotypes that have been encrypted […]

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There’s No Crying in Baseball

Participation trophies are hurting children. Giving these trophies for nothing but participation is a relatively new idea thought of by parents who cannot let their children’s failure reflect back on them. Trophies and ribbons given out in this manner give children the belief that they are better than they actually are and that they deserve […]

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Dominican Baseball

Globalization has been instrumental in the growth of sports. As everyone knows sports are global and are a part of many different cultures. This can be seen more with baseball than any other sport, especially Latin and American countries. The major league baseball (MLB) pulls many different players from around those countries but also all […]

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Impact of the Globalization of Baseball

The reason why I chose this topic is because when it comes to international trade, baseball has an important influence on how some countries export talent to bring in more money. Baseball is known as America’s national past time, however during about the past generation, especially from the 1980’s to the present, the world has […]

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Best Books for Baseball Fans

Pop quiz: What is America’s favorite pastime? If you guessed baseball, then you’re correct. Though football doesn’t fall far behind, there’s a sort of cultural significance when it comes to a baseball game. Sitting in an aluminum seat with a hot dog in one hand, a beer in the other, and the sun beating down […]

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Baseball and the American Military during World War

Just as my grandpa spread the love of the game to my family, the United States Navy was instrumental in introducing and popularizing the game of baseball around the world. Baseball was first brought to Japan in 1870 and when U.S. naval ships docked later in the 1870s, they began playing against the local teams. […]

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History of Baseball in Colorado

The state of Colorado would not be what it is today without the immense amount of history the land has encountered. One of the most interesting topics in history is baseball and Colorado has quite a history in this topic. Baseball varies from a fun outdoor activity to some and a career to others, but […]

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Baseball – Revenue Sharing

One of the most interesting things regarding my research of the MLB is the system that they use to pay the teams of the league called revenue sharing. Revenue sharing is when all of the 30 teams in the league give in 31% of their total local revenue, which is then divided and equally dispersed […]

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The Effect of the Drugs in Baseball

Following the investigations on Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire for the use of performance enhancing drugs, the ethics of how the media reports on alleged crimes committed by baseball players needs to be further explored. The majority of professional sports face the potential threat of their athletes using steroids, but Major League Baseball has become […]

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Steroids in Baseball

The Hall of Fame, the most prestigious institution for baseballs most elite players is part of one of the biggest debates in the history of baseball and every year when voting for who to induct into the Hall of Fame comes around the issues of steroid use comes into play. Should players suspected or confirmed […]

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Baseball vs. Football

All sports have similarities, whether it’s the equipment used during the games, the season lengths, or the career lengths. The mental and physical aspects of the sports balance out depending on the athlete and how invested they are into what they’re doing. Baseball and football have many similarities as well as differences. Baseball includes not […]

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How has the Game of Baseball Been Affected by the Increase in Technology Over the Past Decades

Abstract Industrial Engineers need to be a part of major league baseball team planning. The ability to utilize this discipline is important to the game of baseball. Industrial Engineering has integrated into the game with the increase of technology by using newer tech like high speed cameras and computer algorithms to analyzes players mechanics to […]

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Baseball as a Motivator

I believe that baseball has taught me to treat every task with my full effort and dedication, as it is the best way to give myself the greatest chance to succeed while leaving me satisfied with the resulting outcome of my effort. I settled my left foot in the batter’s box. It was my freshman […]

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