Baseball Vs. Football

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All sports have similarities, whether it's the equipment used during the games, the season lengths, or the career lengths. The mental and physical aspects of the sports balance out depending on the athlete and how invested they are into what they're doing. Baseball and football have many similarities as well as differences.

Baseball includes not only physical but mental strength to be able to not only compete but to develop the ability to reach the peak of an athletic career. In this sport, thinking about the basic needed materials are mainly needing a baseball, a bat and a glove, and a place to play. What is not taken into consideration is the other equipment that is used. The equipment that is not always seen in an actual game. Such as the tees used to hit off of. Also the pitching machines that are used for either taking swings for practice as well as pop flys and ground balls for defensive purposes. There are also many more types of equipment that have been invented to help prepare an athlete in bettering his game to perform at his highest level. As stated on the website, Daily Caller, the first professional baseball game was played in June of 1846 in New Jersey. Although baseball has been around for several centuries now, it still continues to develop each year and become a bigger industry. Once it reached its most popular point to where it was not only being broadcasted on the radio, but on the television as well. People began to travel far and wide to experience the games in the stadiums. Baseball was also considered an All-American sport. Not only did it begin to sweep the nation, but made milestones within racial diversities as well.

A MLB baseball season is played out by multiple series throughout the year. For example a team will play another team usually a best of three series. Sometimes they will even play up to either four or five games. Throughout the whole year they will continue to do this to make up for the 162 game season they play. During those games they will play teams in their division and also out of their division. Their records rank them in the division and determines who will continue playing at the end of the year when the postseason begins. After the post season begins the teams out of each division will advance on to the postseason. However if there is a tie-breaker between two teams they will have to play a one game for elimination to see which team advances. That game is known as, Game 163. After all ties are settled the teams move on to the postseason. There is where they are put into a bracket and each of the eight teams play to be crowned champions of the World Series. Now there are two different leagues between these eight teams. There is the American League and the National League.

Four teams from each side. On each side teams will play in different division series. First there is the ALDS/NLDS which is the American and National League Division series. This series is a best of five. Following that is the ALCS/NLCS. That is the American and National League Championship Series. Whoever is to win that series from each side, which is a best of seven series. Will be crowned champion of their league. Then the two remaining teams, one from the American league and the other from the National League will go on to play in the World Series Championship. The winner of this best of seven series will go on to be called the World Series Champions of that season. After the year and throughout the year many will announce retirement. Majority because of age and some other because of injury. As well as others who didn't make it because of poor agency marketing. But the career length of a baseball player is much more than that of a football player. That happens to be because football is a much more intense sport of contact. According to Science Daily, the average career length for a baseball player is 5.6 years. If that person is having successful years. If not then the person's career could be shorter.

Football is also a sport that requires physical and mental strength. But there is more to the sport than just those two attributes. These players need equipment as well. But the type of equipment is much different. Yes, they still have cleats, gloves, and helmets. But there wouldn't it be strange if baseball players wore shoulder pads. Also the equipment they use for practice is not the same. They have tackling dummies that they use to enhance their tackling skills. Also there are chutes and sleds that they use which help them act like they are running through a defending tackler. Also it helps them develop quicker feet for in game routines. Which is something that isn't as big of a deal for baseball. I mentioned for baseball that a tee was needed to hit off of. Well in football they also use tees. But these tees are made differently and serve different purposes. A tee in football is used for kicking. On kickoffs it is used as a holding device for the football. Also on extra points and field goals they use a flat tee to set the ball on to help the kicker get under the ball. Now the season is not near as long as baseballs season. If a football season lasted even half as long as a baseball season many players would not have a very long career due to injury and fatigue to the body. The NFL season has 17 weeks of regular season games. They are also broken into two different divisions. There is the NFC and the AFC, which stands for the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference. Out of those two divisions the top six teams make it into the playoffs bracket.

The top two seeds get a bye straight into the divisional rounds. The other four seeds, three through six play in a Wild Card series. The winners of the wild card series move on to play the one and two seeds in the divisional rounds. Then they will play those games and the winners move on into the Conference Championship. At this point there are four total teams left. Two from the NFC and two from the AFC. The winner of these rounds will be named the Conference Champions and move on to play in the Super bowl. The winner of that game will be the Super Bowl Champions of that season. Now as we know there is an end to everything. As bad as these guys would like to continue to play, they understand that there is a time where enough is enough. The average career length in the nfl is 3.3 years as mentioned on the Statistics Portal. It comes down to the fact that our bodies can only handle so much. With most of these careers this was the cause. Playing in the league for so long took an effective toll on players bodies which forced them to retire. Other because they had sustained an injury so bad that they couldn't physically step back on the field. Then there are the ones that have been playing for a lengthy amount of years, and age causes them to go out of the game to enjoy the rest of their life on their successful careers.

So as you can tell the two games over many different experiences. They have their different styles of equipment, and ways of using it. As well as the different type of seasons they play. Whether it's in the regular season, or the postseason, the games are still played differently. Then there are the careers and how long they last. As well as some of the causes that bring ends to to their careers.

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