Basketball is my Favorite Sport

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It started off when I first went to high school. It was gym class and we were about to play basketball. With me being shy I really didn’t want to participate but of course everyone had to. We were put on teams, split equally into two teams. We were told the rules and off we went.

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“Basketball is my Favorite Sport”

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At first, I stood to the side not wanting to be included then slowly starting to involve myself. Throughout the game, I was doing pretty well. I was getting baskets in the net, I was learning about my teammates and even making friends. By the end of gym class, I was one of the best players and my classmates became friends since we all bonded over the sport. That’s when I decided Basketball was my favorite sport. If I was having a hard day, all I had to do was shoot some hoops and my stress would drastically lower. It was definitely something fun to do to pass the time.

Playing basketball when i was in elementary school and high school became something I would do daily. Monday to Friday, every recess we had outside, my friends and I would gather some classmates and other students and we would all have a fun game. It would still take me some time to get comfortable enough to show my classmates my skills but over time it got easier to do. My friends even saw a change in me when I was playing on the court. I have yet gone to an NBA basketball game but I think it would be a fun experience as I, myself enjoy the sport. It can show confidence and self-control and helps the players work together as a team. With this sport and like many other sports age, sex and race does not matter. It is the ability to work together as a team and provide positive results in winning. If I have time, I will catch the game on the television and keep up on the score and updates of certain teams.

Still to this day I enjoy playing a quick game of basketball to ease my mind and stress. Now with children, I can share my joy and skills with them and hopefully pass on the joy of this sport. It fills my heart watching my children play and shoot hoops now. It brings back so many fond and wonderful memories of my childhood growing up with my own siblings and friends. I can’t help but join in with my children, as we all play and laugh, making new memories for myself. My children making memories for themselves to remember when they are my age and hopefully share with their children. I know when I have grandchildren I will still have these memories and share the magic with them. This sport will certainly bring people closer together.


This sport is known to be played with great skill and confidence as the player’s race down the court trying to shoot their baskets into the net to score for their team. As the other players are trying to protect the ball holder by holding off the opposite team’s players to ensure their shooter gets the shot. This is again many reasons why basketball is well respected as a sport and people are willing to pay lots of money to see games performed by the NBA players.

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