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Cheer Debate: is Cheerleading a Sport?

Cheerleading has been in schools for decades, so why would it not be counted as a sport?Have you ever heard of the Great White Sharks? They are 4 time world champions. Some people may think that cheer is a sport, but others might think that cheer is just for the girls to show off to […]

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How Cheerleading Affects the Body and Mind

It takes four people to put up a stunts. It takes four people to drop a stunt, but it only takes one ounce of doubt to make a stunt come down with injury. Cheerleaders must have a lot of things in sync for a group to make a stunt look good and go of without […]

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Reasons why Cheerleading is a Sport

People often say that cheerleading is not a sport. Many people don’t know that cheerleading is split into two different types; such as competitive cheerleading and school cheerleading. These two things may sound similar but they are completely different. For that being said, the article Cheerleadingstates,origins of the sport are defined by its name. I […]

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Is Cheerleading a Sport?

Cheer and whether it is considered a sport is a very controversial argument that has carried on for many years. There are many pros and cons to this question: Is cheer or cheerleading a sport or not? Sports have been around for many years. Families stop their day and schedules just to watch their favorite […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1140 Topics: Cheerleading

What is Cheerleading?

One more time, most cheer coaches’ say as they prepare for nationals in the spring. Most athletic fans in the stands may think of cheerleading as girls waving their poms in the air and shouting weird words, many people are not aware of what happens behind the scenes when cheerleaders are working hard at practice. […]

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Cheerleading is a Sport: Argument Paper

Everyone argues that cheerleading isn’t a sport, but to many individuals it is. It’s a team sport the requires endurance, stamina and perseverance. There are many different types of cheerleading: High School Sidelines and Competitive Cheer. The definition of a high school sideline cheerleading is a cheerleader who stands on the sideline to cheer on […]

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