The History of Colorado Baseball

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When thinking about great American past times one that comes to mind more often than not is Baseball. This competitive and engaging sport is more than just a game. For some it’s how family time is spent for others it’s a career, but how did this sport come to be one of the greatest of all time? It is said that baseball has been played with different variations of the game since the 18th century in different places all over the country. Author John thorn says, New York, Philadelphia and Massachusetts each had their own versions but eventually something like the New York game, which featured the creation of a foul territory and made players stay on the base path while running, won out though not necessarily because it was a better game. His article The ‘Secret History’ of Baseball’s Earliest Days, he explains the dynamics of how baseball got became such a popular game. From the beginning professional gamblers have taken a certain interest in baseballs rise. When it was realized that adult men took more interest in the game when bets could be made, the people running the gambling would take side bets during innings. The importance of gabling in the game of baseball is best described by Thorn in this article, “I don’t think you could have had the rise of baseball without gambling,” says Thorn. “It was not worthy of press coverage. What made baseball seem important was when gamblers figured out a way to spur interest in it. This interesting fact shows that even though people took an interest in the game there were still ways of marketing the game and engaging the spectators. This was a way to keep the game intriguing and encourage more people watch the games. Gambling is an important piece of the history of baseball for that reason. The history of baseball is one with many different parts, people, and locations, but an important place in baseball history is in Colorado.

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“The History of Colorado Baseball”

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In Colorado baseball is one of the most abundant pass times that we as Americans enjoy especially after WWII. Before there were established teams businesses and other ethnic and social organizations would put together amateur teams and host baseball games. The games would usually take place at merchant park in Denver Colorado. As baseball grew in Colorado there was need for an organized minor league team this was accomplished by Mr. George Tebeau. In the article Topics in History: Baseball, it is said by author Leigh Jeremias In 1862, George Tebeau is said to have organized the first official Colorado team, The Denvers. Tebeau would later go on to co-found the American League in 1900. The author includes this information to show how long baseball has been played in Colorado and also to give an estimate on when baseball became serious in Colorado by establishing an official team. After the Denvers a minor league team was created and nicknamed the Bears.

Roger explains in the article Denver Baseball, The Denver Bears were in the Western League and were owned by Bob Howsam and his brother Lee. Together they built a first-class minor league organization while in the American Association and Pacific Coast League. After Colorado had its own team, baseball fields were made all over Denver which in turn created a wide spread baseball phenomenon. Eventually a stadium made of wood and only seating a small amount people was created. Author Jeremias reports, Bears Stadium, at 20th and Decatur Streets, opened August 14, 1948 with just 18,000 seats. Bears Stadium, eventually renamed Mile High Stadium, was the home of the Zephyrs, nicknamed the Bears, Colorado’s minor league team from 1955-1992. In 1991 the baseball franchise took off in Colorado when the MLB Granted Colorado an ownership group ran by Mr. John Antonucci. In 1993 the Colorado Rockies began to play in the National League and played there first game at their home field April 26, 1995. The Passion for the game has not died down over the years but expanded throughout our colorful Colorado. Today the people of Colorado are proud to cheer on The Colorado Rockies at Coors Field in their purple and black fan gear. Baseball is a sport that has been played for a very long time and will continue to attract many fans every season.

Within the history of baseball around the world you see many different things that are very significant to the history of baseball and how it has helped shape our country today. Throughout history Racism is a pressing issue that has been improved thanks to baseball. From 1887 to 1946 there was an agreement that major and minor league teams did not allow blacks to play on there teams. This unintentionally created a subculture league of baseball, the negro leagues. Black teams formed all across the nation during the 1800’s. The negro leagues experienced a lull during the 1930’s due to the national depression but a new negro league was formed in 1993. The baseball color line was broken when the historic Jackie Robinson signed with the Dodgers in the 1946 season. By the late 1950’s the number of black players on a team was equal to the number of white players. This sent a huge message to our nation in a time when racism was still very much alive. The game of baseball showed our nations people that no matter the color of your skin there is talent in all people and gave everyone a new way to look at colored people. That is not the only way that baseball has changed our nation in history for the better.

+++ Another example of the impact that baseball has on our history is the small but cascading effect the power of unity and sportsmanship, this is something that can be taken out more than in the game. Being unified as a nation based on a similar love for something and always striving to demonstrate fair and generous behavior towards one another showing good sportsmanship. Through the years, baseball has helped these traits form in our society through actions of the plyers. The importance that the history of baseball has today is very diverse there are many aspects within the great game that have made a change to who we as a country today. Baseball offers more than a change in our nation but also is a way for people to connect through the love of a game. Families will be fans of the same team forever and it becomes something that identifies them as a group. American family gatherings in today’s day are done over a good baseball game. It has developed into a family affair and something that can connect people of different age groups, color, or even gender together. It was said before baseball is much more than a game, underlying it is a small part in things like helping stop segregation, it has taught us to be unified and treat one another with respect, and it offers something that people can connect on a personal level with. Baseball started as a fun game to play and has developed into so much more.

Baseball has been around for some time now but is still one of the most beloved games in todays sports world. This is because it has made such an impact on our world that the baseball world has done nothing but grow. Fromm the beginning people loved to not only play baseball but be a spectator at a game, this is something that is still very much alive and well. People love making the time to plan a trip to a game of their favorite team. Being a fan is not just enough any more people eat sleep and breathe their favorite team. From wearing the team logo apparel to going to every tailgate and game. When people are fans of baseball, they are usually speaking for the whole family. Today hundreds of fans will gather at one of the many stadiums and watch eagerly to see if their team will take the game. The world series which is the biggest annual championship baseball games played between the ALC teams and the NLC team, has become something like its own holiday. Most of the American population is tuning in that day to watch the two best teams of the season compete for the title. Just like in baseball history fans make big bets for games like the world series and gamble with each other based on the score at innings. One of the most important impacts that baseball still has on our world today is diversity. Baseball was one of the first sports that allowed blacks to play in the sport which is something that continues today with the percentage of African Americans on a team being lager than any other race. This still today is a big deal and shows the diversity and acceptance within the game and its players. Respectively baseball has impacted our society enough to keep its legacy going for now and into the future.

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