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The History and Evolution of Soccer Equipment

Soccer, or football depending on where your from, is the single most popular sport in the world and has retained that standing almost since the creation of the sport. This means a lot of equipment and apparel is manufactured every year for fans to use and enjoy. Designers and engineers are constantly working to develop […]

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The History of Soccer

Do different surfaces affect the way a soccer ball bounces? Have you ever wondered if different surfaces affect the way a soccer ball bounces? Three types of turf (or surface) will be used to test the bounciness of a soccer ball. Energy and physics will be examined. Kentucky bluegrass, sand and artificial turf will be […]

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Some of the most Exciting Sports

Soccer and football are some of the most exciting sports in the world today. At most schools football and soccer are both played in the fall. The fields on what football and soccer are played on are somewhat same. Both football and soccer are performed on a large field with synthetic or natural grass. The […]

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About Football Players

Football players are the most inspiring and most helpful people in America.There are many NFL players that donate and give to their to their community. NFL players can do a lot of good things they have enough power to bring communities together and are good role models to the people in the world even if […]

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Benefits of Flag Football

The crowd is screaming and going wild. Lights are bright, maybe even blinding. People in the packed stadium are sitting on the edge of their uncomfortable seats. Football, America’s most popular sport, attracts anyone looking for a game of attention grabbing, brain rattling, bone crushing intensity. Many youngsters across America dream of playing in the […]

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About Watching Football

Its been 6 years since Dave Duerson, a former National Football Player shot himself so that he could donate his brain to have further study. His goal was to help researchers investigate what had led him to such misery and depression to end his own life. It’s been 5years since Junior Seau, a pro linebacker […]

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The Safety of Football

Why do players put themselves at life threatening risks given the minimal chances of success? The safety of football is one of the most discussed topics in today’s sports world, and many people are starting to believe football shouldn’t be played. What many people do not realize is that with more advancements in the safety, […]

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Football Injury Increase

Introduction Attention Getter: You’re watching the football game from the stands. Your team’s star running back rushes up the middle with the ball when, smack, he’s hit head to head and laying on the ground. He tries to get up but stumbles and falls over. The medics take him off the field and he doesn’t […]

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Importance of Football

Many people argue that athletics in are too much of a priority in school systems, but they do not look at how these sports affect the students’ lives and their future. More specifically, people argue that schools focus way too much on football and they question if parents should even let their children play football […]

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Serious Health Dangers in Football

In sports athletes who are committed to playing for an organized team knows that there is a huge risk involved by the time you are stepping onto the field, court or Ice Rink. One of the most public sports that athletes are being injured in is the sport of football. Athletes knows the dangers of […]

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The History of American Football

CRACK! You get tackled by a huge man in big bulky pads, the whistle blows and the play ends. You are wearing bulky pads that can weigh around 20 pounds. You’re wondering what this game is. This fast paced game is called American football. American football is a fast-paced contact sport that is played between […]

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Concussion Awareness in Football

For many Americans, a typical Sunday includes sitting with your family and watching your favorite football team play on television. The exciting plays and the thrill of watching your team win is all part of the experience. But as many do not realize, there is a great danger that comes with this violent sport: concussions. […]

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Should High School Football be Dropped?

Where do you stand when it comes to high school football? Are you at every Friday night football game, or could you care less about who scored the most touchdowns this week? In this essay I will be discussing the issue that has up roared here recently. You may be thinking to yourself, what issues […]

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Ethical Problem of Watching Football

America is one of countries which shows the high proud in entertainment or sport. American culture is supported by the world’s greatest sport events, athletes and rivalries. They represent the norms of society and football belongs to that norm which is American tradition. However, there are many controversies have taken place about we should or […]

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Why a Football Clubs Want to Become a Company?

Why a football clubs want to become a company? In this 21st era globalization, financial market has played an important role within the accumulation of capital and the manufacturing of products offering. Financial markets bring several functions to economy such as provides liquidity to financial assets, reduce the transactions cost, risk sharing, and price determination. […]

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Football as a Team Sport

Many people argue that athletics are too much of a priority in school systems, but they do not look at how these sports affect the students’ lives and their future. More specifically, people argue that schools focus way too much on football and they question if parents should even let their children play football due […]

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Sport Brand Sponsorship of Malaysia Football Team

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION RESEARCH BACKGROUND The sports sponsorship stands for exchanging a relationship between sports organizations and other mediators. It is another format of advertising and which creates new form of advertising champion that is other from the traditional one. The principal of companies become sponsors is to maximize rewards and minimize risks (Papadimitriou, et […]

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The Risks of Playing Professional Football

Professional football is America’s favorite past time. Professional football has been around since the 1890’s and by 1910 it had begun to become a popular sport to watch. Watching football is so popular that it tops the list of things that people plan to do on Sundays other than going to church. Most people love […]

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Make Football Safe no Matter the Risks

The National Football League (NFL) should make rule changes to further protect the players. Player head injuries have increased throughout the existence of the NFL and now it’s time to reduce the number of head injuries before it gets worst. Concussions lead to brain damage, memory loss, and even worst Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy(CTE). Although rules […]

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Effects of Football

Football is by far and away the most popular sport in the United States. However, it has in recent years sparked a dialogue that has been pushed to the forefront by media and films such as Concussion. These concerns are of the brain damage football has been proven to cause to its players known as […]

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Ohio State Football

College football has been around since 1869 and it wasn’t until 1890 that one of the greatest teams to ever play was founded. Ohio State started out small, but soon they created a legacy as one of the greatest NCAAF teams ever. From the titles won to the heisman winners to one of the best […]

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Football and the Green

National Football League (NFL) players who retired are now coming out saying they smoked the plant. Martellus Bennet a Tight End (TE) for multiple teams The Dallas Cowboys, The Chicago Bears, The New England Patriots, The Green Bay Packers, and then back to the Patriots. He then retired March 23, 2018, as a member of […]

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Should Football be Banned in Highschool

Football should be banned from high school for many vital issues. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when the word football shows up? Children having fun, tackling each other and even the famous NFL. Do you ever think of all the concussions and affects this sport could result in? The amount […]

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What Football Will Look Like in the Future

It is a tale about a boy and his friends that play a game together. Homestuck lasted approximately seven years and reached a total of approximately 8000 pages. For example, both What football will look like in the future and Homestuck give the reader the opportunity act as a detective in order to try to […]

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Making Football a Safer Sport

Statistics show that football injuries lead to long-term brain damage due to the high concussion rates. Building different types of helmets will help the concussion rate in all football associations. Some players may die to the brain damage, or if not death then will experience brain disorders. Getting hit in the head in football may […]

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A Nationally Known Sport – Football

Football is a nationally known sport, and is played in even the most remote parts of the world. Although it is praised and talked very highly about, people tend to skip over the parts of football that could cause prolonged health effects. Effects detrimental to the human body can be categorized as injuries, which can […]

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History of the Egyptian Football Game

The History of the Egyptian Football Game has distinguished from the past to the present. In earlier history, the Egyptian national team was known around the world as the Pharaohs who are governed by the EFA otherwise known as the Egyptian Football Association. The Ancient Egyptians played the game of football which was recorded on […]

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The National Football League

Traumatic brain injury also known as a concussion is a serious health problem to athletes, especially to football players. Multiple concussions are the big concern in football, compared to war-related head trauma, which usually involves one battlefield blast and the impact of the head against a wall, the ground or other hard surface. The National […]

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Football as a Sport in High School

The discussion of whether football should become a banned sport in high school or not has become a national argument over the last few years. Researchers have estimated there are more than 500,000 injuries of some sort to high school football players nationwide every year. In 2015, twenty-eight percent of the football injuries were to […]

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Life after Football

Former NFL player, Mario Henry, a former New England Patriot ran out of money at the age of 28 when he was cut (Satter, 2017, p. 1 ). Henry says the average working person asks, how is that possible? That’s a fair question, because the average NFL player’s salary is close to $2 million per […]

Pages: 2 Words: 464 Topics: Football
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