Struggles of Robert Frost

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There have been many renowned American poets, but many critics say there is no one like Robert Frost. He has written numerous poems, most of which are famous all over the world. It is often said that behind success, there is some hidden disappointment or secret in person’s lives. The same thing can be said from the life of this great American poet. I went over most of the poems of Robert Frost and came across a common point of depression and tragedy reflected in the poems of Frost. Even though Robert Frost had all the fame and prosperity one could achieve in his lifetime, the fact that he struggled in his life due to various reasons cannot be ignored. Through my research paper, I am going to highlight some of the tragedies and struggles Robert went over throughout his life and will point out various reasons for those depression and how he overcame those hurdles.

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“Struggles of Robert Frost”

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To achieve the point of my research paper, I have organized my paper into three main sections. In the first section, I talk about the early life of Robert frost and discuss the influence of people in his childhood. In second section, I talk about his turning point in the career and how he became giant name in the literary industry. In this section, I also talk about his family life and the potential reason for entering depression. The third section is comprised of various instances from poems which point us to the fact that there was darkness stored in his mind. I end my paper with my thoughts on the lifestyle of Robert Frost and conclusion on the research I did. So, let’s dive into the life of Robert Frost and I hope this paper will be interesting to you as a reader.

Robert Frost (1874-1963) is widely regarded as one of the most decorated American poets of all time. He was an author who used New England as the base of his writings and used those settings to explore social and complicated subjects. Frost’s subjects are extremely basic in the surface significance supplied with an effortlessly justifiable word usage with liberal style of composing. Yet, a careful study of his works reveals the misfortune and tragedy associated with his lifestyle.

Frost was born and spent his first 11 years of life in San Francisco, until his father who was journalist, passed away due to tuberculosis. Born to an alcoholic father and a discouraged mother, Frost was tormented every one of his years by the impacts of psychological instability on himself and those he cherished. After the demise of his father, Frost decided to move to Lawrence, MA with his mother and sister, Jeanie. Frost found the love of his life and his future wife, Elinor White, during the days of High school. Starting in 1897, Frost attended Harvard University but had to drop out only after two years because of health issues. He returned to Lawrence to unite with his wife, who at the time was pregnant with their second child. In 1900, Frost moved with his wife and children to a homestead in New Hampshire”property that Frost’s grandfather had bought for them”and they lived there for the next 12 years.

Though it was a productive time for Frost’s writing, it was very difficult period in his personal life. Frost’s firstborn son, Elliot, passed due to cholera in 1900. After his death, Elinor gave birth to four more kids: son Carol (1902), who would commit suicide in 1940; Irma (1903), who later developed mental illness; Marjorie (1905), who died in her late 20s after giving birth; and Elinor (1907), who died just weeks after she was born. Additionally, during that time, Frost and Elinor endeavored few undertakings, including poultry cultivating, which were all unsuccessful. In spite of such difficulties, it was amid this time that Frost accustomed himself to rural life. In fact, he developed to represent it quite well, and started huge number of his poems in the countryside. But while two of these, “”The Tuft of Flowers”” and “”The Trial by Existence,”” would be distributed in 1906, he could not discover any publishers who were eager to sponsor his different poems. During his lifetime, Frost would receive more than 40 honorary degrees, and in 1924, he was awarded his first of four Pulitzer Prizes, for his book New Hampshire. He would subsequently win Pulitzers for Collected Poems (1931), A Further Range (1937) and A Witness Tree (1943).

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