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The Beginning of my Future

My personal interests are reading, children, dogs, and cats. I enjoy reading books, especially fantasy books because reading fantasy books make me feel like I’m in the story. Another thing I enjoy is taking care of children, I love to play with them, talk to them, and especially take care of them because I naturally […]

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My Future Profession – Psychologist

As a freshman in high school, getting used to everything that is new is quite difficult. Taking everything in and trying to handle many things at once is a struggle, even though college might seem far away, but in reality, it is only 4 years away. Trust me, there are more urgent things to worry […]

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Helping in Child Protective Services

As a young girl, I’ve felt destined to give advice and help others in their personal situations. Although, some situations are more serious than others which can be discouraging. I’ve consistently told myself there will always be someone in need of being heard, helped, or protected. As I grew older, I never thought to what […]

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My Future Goals and Scholarship

A person that decides to become a nurse is often driven by a family member, a memorable experience or an innate need to provide a necessary service. For me, there was a childhood dream that was not clearly defined but was based on a strong calling to do something meaningful and equally challenging. As a […]

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Psychology in my Future

Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. The goals of psychological science are to describe, predict, and explain behavior. Since our infancy we learn about behavior through the experiences and the knowledge that we get by observing other people or having relations with them. Living in society leads us to watch and […]

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My Future as Veterinarian

Ever since I can remember I have had an abundance of animals running around the house. With owning so many pets, comes a lot of veterinarian appointments. Being around animals and the veterinarian’s office so often, I fell in love with the line of veterinary work. To be surrounded by animals every day and being […]

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My Career in Pipeline

After I graduate high school, my plan is to start a career in pipeline. Pipeline is a growing business and is starting to expand in West Virginia. It is an important part of the Petroleum Industry because it is safe and reliable, and it also provides the things we need for everyday activities. Driving your […]

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Choosing a Future Profession

Choosing a particular profession is one of the most important decisions that we take in our life. .In my opinion, I would like to focus on a career that is enjoyable, productive, creative and simultaneously allows you to work for the betterment of humanity. I believe, one of the most productive and fulfilling career that […]

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