Use of Psychology in my Future

When people think of psychology, they most often visualize an unstable person in a straight jacket locked up in a psychiatric hospital. Little do they know, we apply psychology in our daily routines. To discuss the importance of psychology we need to learn, and understand the meaning, where, and who founded it. “”Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental process””( King, 2016 Pg 2).

The scientists who work in the field of psychology are known as psychologists. The history of psychology dates back to ancient Greece. Great philosophers like Plato, Thales, and Aristotle gave explanations about learning, personality, emotions, memory, and perception. Their method were not always the correct way, but they were the ones who opened the door to the wonders of the mind. Wilhelm Wundt ( Father of psychology) was a German psychologist who founded the first psychology laboratory in 1879. Wundt experiments were to measure one’s own conscious activities.

The early schools of psychology were structuralism, which was developed by a student of Wundt named Edward Titchener. Structuralism used introspection to determine the structure, and elements of the mind. The school of functionalism was developed in 1870 by William James and focused functions of thought processes, feelings, behaviors, and how it helps us adapt in the environment ( Experience Psychology 3rd Edition) 2016 Pg 6-7. Information learned in this course will be applied in the near future to manipulate my future wife, children, and grandchildren in a good way.

Everyday we use psychology to study people’s behavior, mental operations, and performance. Psychology is also used to understand relationships, employment, to improve education, also to treat mental health issues. The more a person studies psychology, the more we realize that we use psychology with everyday usage including daily chores, going to work, school, dealing with family life, till it’s time for bed, even then a person uses psychology in their sleep by dreaming. According to Psychology Today (12-06-2012)when you’re asleep, you learn. Scientist have known for a while that sleep, you strengthen previously acquired memories. Even though, you’re asleep your brain still processes sensory information. For an example, there has been studies that shown a connection between smell and sleep. A certain smell associated with a previous memory makes the memory more available for recall after a person wakes up. Motivation is the force that pushes a person forward, whether the process is external or internal, it encourages someone to do something or not to do something, and it helps the person attain their goals for themselves and their family (Pg 326) Experience Psychology.

Having motivation will help build a person’s self confidence, and able to understand more about themselves and others. My greatest motivation in life is the health, and success of my family. To help with the educational success of my mother’s, I had to motivate her to go back to school and finish what she has started years ago. By doing so, I showed her that she is never too old to achieve her dreams, gain the knowledge that a person thirsts for and take home the degree she earned. The dedication I have towards my mom is a strong unbreakable bond. I will always support the goal and dreams she has for herself even if I don’t agree with some of her choices as she will always have my back and I know she doesn’t agree with more than half of my choices.

Another way we use psychology is through our emotions. Emotion is a psychological state that includes a subjective or inner experience a psychological component, and behavioral expressions(Pg 347) Experience Psychology 3rd Edition. Emotions are personal towards oneself, which means, you cannot feel another’s emotion. Theories of emotion in psychology is under the evolutionary, social as well as the cognitive perspectives of psychology. James-Lange theory is when the changes will lead to emotions, Cannon-Bard theory is that the body changes and emotions happen together, Schachter-Singer theory is that our thoughts about our body changes that will lead to our emotion, and the Cognitive Appraisal are when our situation lead to emotion(Pg. 349). American psychologist Carroll Izard(2007) suggest that we can describe emotions according to valence and arousal. The dimension of emotions are high arousal, and low arousal, which can be pleasant, or unpleasant. Our emotions are a powerful weapon and we use our emotions daily to manipulate anyone even the people we love to get what we want.

As being a son, brother, uncle I will apply the knowledge I had learned into help raise my sisters children through learning. Learning is a relatively enduring change in behavior or thinking that results from experience (167-194). As we mold our children’s behavior, we are not simply teaching them how to eat, maintain personal hygiene, how to become a good student, or which careers would best suit them. Behavioral molding resorts to operant conditioning, a system of an operant and reinforcement, proposed by BF Skinner, who is a behaviorist and also known as the father of Operant Conditioning. A person can use operant conditioning in their daily life, like as potty training a toddler, maintain a healthy diet, by using positive and negative reinforcement. Positive reinforcement is added after following a target behavior, as negative is removal of an unpleasant stimulus. As for my dad, I tried to use the classical conditioning on him, by having him buy me a Dodge Charger. Showing my father pictures of the Dodge Charger with hot girls laying on the car explaining to him that with this type of car these hotties will be following me around like bees on honey, and he too will have a swarm of bees buzzing around his hive driving this car. As of today, I drive a red Toyota Camry, so the classical conditioning did not work as well as I would hope it would of, but at least a new car came out of it.

Social influence is all around us, wherever we go, whatever we do, whatever we say, where we work at. “”Social influence is how a person is affected by others as evidence in behaviors, emotion, and cognition”” (Pg.421). In my future career, I will apply my new found knowledge through the study of psychology. As I study, I work to understand the complex mental process that dictate human actions. By developing an understanding, my critical thinking, and communication skills will be more advanced than a person who had never studied psychology. A person can adapt by solving conflicts by learning the reasons behind people’s action, and be able to communicate with the people in a level-headed and logical manner.

According to David L. Blustein PD psychology today (11/13/2009) “”Psychology can provide a means of elaborating on the importance of work in people’s lives, so that the policy makers can understand clearly that full time employments need to be a central goal for healthy society””. Psychology can provide tools for an individual to cope with the dramatic changes in the world of work and help with a development of career counseling and work based therapy to those who are employed or unemployed. No matter where you work at you’ll need to have leadership skills, it might be essentially some point in your life. You will need to have good communication skills at your workplace, or even outside in society. Communication involves more than speaking and writing. A large portion of our interpersonal communication is nonverbal signals. You’ll need to learn to express yourself non verbally and read the non verbal cues to communicate your message efficiently.

My life is based on Hierarchy of Needs. Abraham Maslow’s theory combines physiological and psychological needs. We are motivated to meet higher level needs when physiological needs at the base of the hierarchy have been met (Pg.340-341). The first three needs of the sequence have been met. The physiological need to have balance in bodily systems like water food and sleep. Safety is a factor, I have a roof over my head for protection, yes it is my parents home, but the roof is still over my head. My love and belongingness is with my family. My parents and siblings are my best friends who I can confide my dark secrets to. What is left is the esteem, which I am currently working on, self-actualization, which I am trying to be the best in my class, and be the best son a parent can wish for. Then there is self transcendence, I will dedicate my life in supporting my choices to reach my goal toward my future/career.

Therefore, in conclusion, this paper has defined some ways a person can apply psychology in their everyday life. Through their emotions, personality, through the way a person teaches their children with operant conditioning, to classical condition to get what they want. Learning is the process of acquiring new or existing knowledge, skills, values, and norms. It will give a person a better understanding on how and why people behave the way they do. That way a person will have good communication skills in the workforce, and in their personal life.

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