Use of Psychology in my Future

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Developmental psychology and age psychology are related to other psychological sciences, for example, general psychology, social psychology, personality psychology, educational psychology, etc. The object of developmental psychology and age psychology: a person from the moment of birth to death. The subject of developmental psychology and age psychology: sources, driving forces, conditions and patterns of human mental development from birth to death.

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“Use of Psychology in my Future”

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Tasks of developmental psychology and age psychology:

1. Explore all areas of mental development at all ages.

2. To investigate the crises of age-related development throughout a person’s life path.

3. Determine the sensitive periods of each stage of childhood. The sensitive period is a period that creates the most favorable conditions for the formation of certain psychological properties.

Developmental psychology, in comparison with age and child psychology, is a more general theoretical course and represents a kind of their methodological basis. The focus of this discipline is not the description of certain age periods, but the search for general patterns of mental development, the analysis of the driving forces and mechanisms of development, the formation of individual spheres of the psyche in different age periods and in different cultures.

Developmental psychology analyzes the content and various aspects of the application of the principle of development in psychology, one of the most important methodological principles of all sciences, and neoplasms and symptoms of individual age periods become the material on the basis of which the general patterns of the formation of the psyche are derived. Obtaining and analyzing this material is the central task for age and child psychology. At the same time, in child psychology, the symptoms of development in the first years of life, primarily in the preschool period, come to the fore. The same factual material is included in the course of age psychology, but the boundaries of research in this case are significantly expanded, covering the entire life of a person – from birth to old age and death. In child psychology, first of all, the mechanisms and factors that ensure the entry of a child into the world of adults, the internalization of knowledge gained in communication, are very interesting. The general tendencies of mental.

Age psychology, which can analyze all changes in the pace, content, and dominant factors affecting the development of the psyche throughout life, naturally pays more attention to comparing the patterns of development in different periods of ontogenesis. It is in this discipline that the reasons for the decline in the rate of development, the ratio of critical and stable periods are analyzed, the crises that accompany a person not only in youth, but also in adulthood are revealed. Age psychology also studies mechanisms that help both in acquiring new things, in development, and in compensating for poorly developed or impaired mental functions, preserving acquired knowledge and skills during a period of declining development rate, involution, in old age.

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