My Future Job as a Nurse Practitioner

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My future job is a nurse practitioner. This occupation means that licensed nurses are clinicians who focus on the management of human health and disease prevention. I learned and known that my work will mainly focus on the health of children and adults. The nurse can study in one area. My dream is to be a nurse specializing in ultrasound in the hospital. In my opinion, the kind of responsibilities I need to have as a nurse is to love my job, to work in a team, to be agile in every situation.

Since childhood, I was interested in caring for the patient. When I was in high school, I was confused when I did not know what industry to do. Maybe, I used to be a good salesman or an engineer, but my family explained and told me to learn to be nurse. A nurse is a worthwhile job and is loved by everyone because it is a job that involves the lives of people. But, my family works as a doctor, pharmacist, or drug seller. That is also why I chose the nurse as my future job.

I think to be a good nurse I need to have special skills. They need to be confident, relaxed, calm under all pressure. In my opinion, having started work related to human life, we need to seriously and focus on patient health or time-sensitive health issues. In particular, be sure to think with confidence and speed under the pressure of patient family or our leaders. I feel that I am great at this job because I am a very disciplined person who always works in the right way and is good at scheduling. I am confident with all the skills I have learned at school as well as in training to become nurse. In education requirements, graduated high school and continue to study a Bachelor of Science about 4 years. Then continue to learn about the nursing program and practice in the hospital in 1.5 years to 4 years. Conditional able to study on a master’s degree to upgrade positions. I think the geographic area that has the greatest need for a career I've chosen is the famous clinic or major hospital in the city. I think the big hospital will be more trusted and will help the higher income. It may depend on your level of education. I feel my highest possible mobility is a visa issue. Because I am an international student, I cannot live in America without having to apply for a visa. I must return to my home country and renew every year to be able to revisit and continue my work. But I will probably finish my studies and return to my country and work in the hospital. I think nurses are a growing profession all over the world. This job is advantage to find because there are many nursing ailments, but the medical examination is rated as high level. They consider the entry high score and there are many high requirements for the trainees. I think this is a long-term employment because we can learn more to upgrade our qualifications and help increase the salary and level of work. Yes, I can find a job if I have a good transcript. I think it would not be impossible for me to be in my field because at the beginning I had to decide and learn a lot so that I could continue with my career. The clinic could hire me because I was nurse. My annual salary is $108,000. I think there will be geographic areas that will be considered for the needs of the people of that country who will pay the hospital fees and then adjust the salary for the nurse. I can live in Houston with the above salary, or I can go home and work but surely the salary will be much lower than in the US. The salary can be calculated on the level as well as the performance of yourself at work. Of course, because I am a saving person, so I can use my savings amount to buy a house or do other things.

I think if I'm not a nurse I will study accounting. I enjoyed math and computed very interesting numbers. If I could, I would also like to be able to do both jobs, so I can make more money. My wish is to save some money to send to my family as well as to help poor children. Currently, I am studying nursing, I will try to continue this path and help the future better.

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