Main and Career Goals

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Even though writing a book review or being an awesome chef would be nice, I am more stressed out about the part of being an accountant/teacher since that would be my main goal, something that I need to achieve in order to have a stable life.

One reason that stresses me out about trying to achieve this goal is the fact that it is quite difficult to land a good job with a good income. Finding a good job is my main concern and so I try my best to be as qualified as possible when trying to achieve this goal or else I will fail. This is a job that needs precise calculations and mistakes are not received very well so there is no room for screwing up. I try to be qualified by studying and doing my best in university and paying attention in my classes while also not being shy about asking as much questions as needed, after all, practice makes perfect and I cannot practice without having a good grasp of everything.

Another stressful part about my goal is the part about being a teacher, whether it be a school job or at a university, I would love to find myself a job where I can help people, and what better job for that than a teacher who passes on wisdom about past teachings. Being a teacher, I believe, comes with a lot of stress as there are a lot of things I have to worry about. I would worry first about being an effective teacher. The most important part about being a teacher is being able to deliver your ideas clearly and without fault and so a huge worry of mine is being able to be a good and reliable teacher. Another stressful baggage is worrying about whether or not the students like you or not. I would like to be a lovable teacher that could be fun while also respectful. I do not want to be too lenient with the students and let havoc run amok, but I also do not want to be the teacher that students fear and do not like while also being strict. And so, here are the following steps and time needed to achieve my goal:

  1. Finish my bachelor's degree. (About a year and a half.)
  2. Apply for a job by the time I transition into my Master degree in accounting (from spring to summer, so roughly 3 months of applying).
  3. Finish my Master degree in accounting. (2 years).
  4. Get a PhD. (Another 2 years.)
  5. By this time I hopefully have a job already and can try to achieve goal number 2.
  6. So I need approximately 5 years and 8 months to be done with everything about goal number 1 and can proceed with goal number 2.

The first step to proper time management, according to Polevoi (2018), is to know your goals, which I already do, the second step, however, is to prioritize wisely which is why I chose finding a job as my main goal. They also have a way to know what's important based on the following listings:

  1. Important and urgent.
  2. Important but not urgent.
  3. Urgent but not important.
  4. Not urgent and not important.

I also need to plan ahead and eliminate distractions. Procrastination is a huge problem I face, and I need to get rid of it if I am seriously going to get anything done. Clear (ND) states that the best to not procrastinate is to keep your goals simple and make them easy, worthwhile and not lengthy. Before jumping into goal number 2, I need to list how I can make goal number 1 a reality:

  1. I need to study extra hard in order to stand out.
  2. Attend and focus in all my classes.
  3. Do my homework.
  4. Get an internship.
  5. Apply non-stop for a job.
  6. Work really hard IN my actual job.

Now, about my second goal, I do plan on taking my time with it as it is not really something that I consider to be of huge importance as it is just a side goal. I do however plan on becoming a book/videogame critic as I am passionate about storytelling and I feel like I have a pretty good grasp and understanding about characters, world building, plots and symbolism and since there is no better way to do express such things than in animation and using words, I would like to voice my opinions about such mediums professionally. There are obviously ways to master reviewing and giving out proper critiques.

I believe that I just need to grasp the full experience offered by whatever it is I am reviewing. I need to avoid being biased and I need to learn how to word myself properly and have my unique style. According to a blog by The NewYorker (nd), 'There's no particular method for practicing criticism, no technique to prescribe and no tone to recommend, any more than there is for art. It's a matter of sensibility'and of sensitivity.'

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