Mother’s Influence on my Future Life

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Growing up I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I have always wanted to own my own brand and just expand it globally and become well known. I was 100 percent confident that it was going to happen but as I got older I realized how much I liked technology and how it changed my life. My focus in life shifted from “I want to grow up and develop my own brand” to “I want to grow up and be able to create my own computers”. The reason for this shift was because my mother helped me realize what I wanted in life. Without my mother, I would’ve been sent off to the army, not by her but by me because of the way I was behaving in middle school and high school.

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“Mother’s Influence on my Future Life”

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When I was born in Africa I grew up under my mother’s wing. Yes, I had a father also but I naturally hung around my mom more because she was the one who stood home alongside her sisters and nieces who took care of me while my father went to work to get money for the family. Growing up around my mother I gained many characteristics which I now use in the present day, such as my all-around awareness and my habit of always coming to someone’s aid. I can write a speech about how impactful my mother was, but what she did for me as a child and that I will never forget is how she instilled in me my desire to learn new things and develop myself as a human being. Growing up education was a major staple in my household. Both my mother’s and my father’s sides of the family have at least an associate’s degree under their belt.

Every time there is a family get together I’m always questioned about how the schoolwork is going or about what I’m going to do after I finish my “Masters” degree and out of both sides of the family I get these questions more from my mom’s side. My mom’s side of the family asking me those questions made me realize that my family relied heavily on education because most of them were immigrants who came here seeking a better education. This kind of thinking and attitude from my family impacted the way that I see school now because when I first started school I thought that it would be fine to just go to college for 2 years and get my associates degree, but as I matured and realized what I wanted to do in life, it dawned me that education was my key to future success because no company was going to hire a guy with no bachelor or master’s degree in the field that he wanted to work in, which was to become a computer software engineer.

A person of my nature and beliefs agrees with the idea of giving which is only because I am a strong believer in karma and believe that everybody should be kind to one another. I also believe in the act of generosity because I believe that that that is how relationships and friendships are created which leads to the creation of bridges which help people in the future because there is no person in the world that can say that they got to the highest point in their lives without generosity and without the help of others. When I am able to reach the height of my career Plan to donate at least $5,000 in total to my after-school program called ACDP Beacon. I owe it all to them because they are the ones who helped me discover my love for sports and my love for computers because when I was in the program, the group leader would always take us to the computer lab where we would always spend time on computers and that was where I started snooping around the computers and figuring out how the software and the hardware worked for hand in hand which led me to do want to build my very own computer and create my own software someday.

Out of all the programs that I have been in while growing up in the past years, I chose ACDP Beacon because this program always hires people to their staff that could relate to the kids and helps them progress mentally and physically. I also chose to donate $5,000 dollars to them in the future because at the moment that I am in my life right now I feel that they have helped me a tremendous amount and I believe that if I could contribute to the program that put me on the track to where I am now, I believe that they would be able to use that money to help other kids do the same, not to mention that this program was really diverse so it also taught all the kid the importance of accepting one another’s cultures.

This kind of thinking brought me to realize that I am from the South Bronx where almost everybody here is a person of color, but what people from outside of the Bronx or New York or people who have never been to New York realize is that there are a lot of intelligent colored people who live in the city and that there are minorities who can think outside the box and view life from a critical viewpoint.

Being born in a country with not as many opportunities as the United States really humbled me alongside the teachings and lessons from my parents really changed me because if it wasn’t for them I would’ve been a loose cannon that took coming here for granted. These teachings are also what made me shift my focus in Life so that I never lose focus of what I’m here for.

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