STEM in my Future Career

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Becoming a high school English teacher, preferably for freshmen, is my second career choice. The following skills are recommended for becoming a high school English teacher: the ability to build strong relationships, excellent communication skills, the ability to model, subject knowledge, and a good sense of humor. In order to become a good teacher, I need to be able to build strong relationships with my students. Also, like becoming an author, I need to have communication skills in order to teach my students and so they can understand the topic and pass my class. Along with being able to communicate so my students know what I’m talking about, I need to be able to stand in front of them and visibly show them an example from the lesson. I need to know myself what the subject is about, otherwise my students won’t learn anything at all if their teacher doesn’t even know what they’re talking about. Having a good sense of humor is a great skill to have because it allows teachers to bond with their kids on another level; when kids find a topic funny or enjoyable, they tend to pay more attention and are willing to learn more about it.

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“STEM in my Future Career”

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My third career choice is becoming a high school world history teacher, also preferably at the freshman level. The recommended skills for that job are as follows: ability to instruct individuals with varying learning styles; communication and active listening skills, as well as patience; ability to communicate on computers and the Internet; and cultural sensitivity and ability to tolerate stress. Different kids learn different ways, so I need to be able to teach in different ways so all my students understand the material. Once again, I need to be able to communicate and I also need to be a good listener as well as have patience.

I would need to be able to communicate digitally, whether that be through some form of social media or just an email to a student, parent, or fellow faculty member. I need to have cultural sensitivity and be aware and accepting of other cultures as well as being able to tolerate stress. In conclusion, my top three careers are an author, a high school English teacher at freshman level, and a high school world history teacher, also at freshman level. All three jobs require some form of STEM. One skill all three careers had in common was being able to communicate. Out of all three, becoming an author would be my top career choice, as I like to come up with stories and share them with others.

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