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Essay Introduction

Katherine Whitehorn said, “Find out what you like doing the best and get someone to pay you for doing it.” People are told that the defining decade of their life is their twenties, and the most significant events happen in this decade. Most people end up working jobs they are not happy about. They make themselves leave bed every morning, put in their eight hours, and stare at the clock waiting for 5 pm. Some people think that this is okay, and they just accept it. Most people want to be able to jump out of bed, feeling excited about going to work every day. They want to feel that they can make a difference in the field they work in. Even though some people do not know what they want to do in their twenties, young people should choose their career in their twenties because there will be time to change it. If they do not like it, they will know which classes to take in college, and they will make more money than people who do not choose. While early choosing can lead to mistakes, young people should choose their career in their twenties because they can start earning money to pay off the loans and start saving for retirement, they find their passion and become healthier and happier, and they are financially stable which means they are able to enter serious relationships because they are happy with themselves, and they can start a family with children.

Research Paper on Career Goals

Adolescents should choose their careers in their twenties because they will start earning money, which means they can pay off student loans and start saving for retirement. “According to the personal finance website Student Loan Hero, 44.2 million Americans currently owe 1.5$ trillion in total student loan debt. The average amount of student loan debt for graduates from the class of 2017 was nearly $40,000, a 6 percent increase from the previous year.” That amount of debt can take decades to pay back and represents a financial burden that spurs many young people to put off major life decisions like getting married, having children, or buying a house. What makes student debt worse is when a student does not know what he or she wants to study. They change majors causing them to fall behind in credits and graduate later. “If you encounter a student over $50,000 in debt, you will usually find that student transferred majors or schools, or both.” It is hard to know what to do with life so early, but getting involved in activities and finding interests allows one to know exactly what they will want to do in their career, which will save them from tremendous debt.

Argumentative Essay Examples on Career Goals

Not many people think about retirement at a young age. An individual is never too young to start saving for retirement. According to Cindy Rehmeier, president of the executive board of the National Association of Government-Defined Contribution Administrators, ‘Paying off student loans while simultaneously saving for retirement is challenging but not impossible. The sooner you start, the more successful you’ll be in achieving the substantial benefits that accrue from both zero debt and the compounding of early savings. Paying down student loan debt as quickly as possible and saving for retirement as early as possible is equally important to an individual’s financial well-being.” Saving money does not come naturally. While young, an individual might feel that it is not necessary to save because all financial needs are taken care of, and they want to spend it on entertainment. However, that soon changes. Adolescents learn quickly how life can be unpredictable. It is easy to lose a job. What can one do then? Without savings, it is hard to live a stable life as you get older. Saving money ahead of college and in college is a good practice to have. That saved money will be able to go to both student loans and retirement funds.

Thesis Statement for Career Goals

People should choose a career based on their passion. According to the author of Radical Careeing, Sally Hogshead, “In the context of work, passion is more than a best-seller buzzword. ‘The word ‘passion’ has a cheesy connotation, but you have to see it as a non-negotiable element of your career success. In fact, if you’re going to be your most successful, you have to be passionate.” With that, many people often change their jobs because they do not follow their passion, which causes them to be unhappy in life, and they look for new jobs. When they start a new job, they have to work their way to higher pay. If employees know exactly what their passion is before they head off to college to earn their degree, they will save time and money. Passion is also what drives someone to do better and work harder. Without the will to work for what they enjoy, there is no way.

Titles: Financial Stability and Its Impact on Personal Relationships

Individuals are healthier, mentally and physically, when they work in a good work environment. “Unemployment is a well-recognized risk factor for mental health problems while returning to, or getting work is protective. A negative working environment may lead to physical and mental health problems, harmful use of substances or alcohol, absenteeism, and lost productivity,” World Health Organization stated. It is fairly common for those who are in the wrong career to experience work-related depression. Just a few of the issues that may push someone into depression include being in an ill-fitting role, experiencing work or life imbalance, having a misalignment of values with the employer, or feeling as if one is trapped in a position. While feeling like one cannot change their situation, it is generally not so much reality but a mindset issue that can be overcome. One can find themselves going down that path and experiencing some level of helplessness and depression.

Adolescents who choose a career early are financially stable since they have planned it. When one is financially stable, he or she can enter a serious relationship and consider having children. Individuals who do not have the right jobs are more likely to be dissatisfied with their own life, which leads to an unhealthy relationship with someone. According to the web portal Your best-designed Career, “It should come as no surprise that our personal relationships can suffer if we are in the wrong career. When we spend much of our waking hours at a job that leaves us feeling stressed, frustrated, depressed, or anxious, we don’t have much left to give to our relationships. We may have a short fuse and just be downright unpleasant to be around. Unfortunately, those closest to us receive the brunt of our job frustration, and it is a huge price to pay if those relationships are damaged.”


People in their twenties who choose a career can start a family earlier than people who do not. Young adults that plan ahead with their career choices will be able to be financially stable enough to get married, have kids, and not stress about still finding the right job. This is important, especially for women, considering their fertility decreases with time. Another contributing factor is that making career goals in your twenties in order to start a family ensures that these individuals actually complete these career goals. This means that people are passionate about completing these standards they set themselves so they can settle down with a family in the future. One of the biggest stressors in marriages is money, but setting a future with set plans would eliminate that issue. Things such as getting a desired job, a high enough salary, or being in the perfect position at work all matter in terms of making sure career goals are mapped out.  

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