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Other Side of Paying to School Athletes

Other Side The Northwestern unionization attempt was a chance for athletes to make a lasting change. When Richard Griffin decided to throw his support behind a union, things starting looking good for the players. However George Leef (2017) says in 2015 the full NLRB declined jurisdiction over the case. It said that the dispute raised […]

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Fairness in the Pay of School Athletes

University of Miami Pell Grant Scandal Between 2002 and 2010 Nevin Shapiro donated approximately $170 dollars to primarily to the football team but also to the University of Miami´s athletic department. Nevin took over the business after Luther Campbell a rapper who made generous donations to the football team as well as make music about […]

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The Importance of Paying School Athletes

The NCAA is doing a very bad job on enforcing their rules. Multiple schools have been found guilty of violating rules. The NCAA doesn’t do their part in enforcing their rules. They realize that if they are big money making schools such as the big basketball schools like the University of North Carolina, Duke University, […]

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Should NCAA Athletes be Paid?

Introduction I would like to begin by saying I really appreciate what you are doing with the NCAA and how the viewership has enlarged greatly in the last decade. You have done a great job at publicizing the athletics. but we both can agree that there is a huge problem concerning the issue that is […]

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Why College Athletes should be Compensated?

Why College Athletes Should get Paid In the course of recent decades, school sports have increased gigantic notoriety over the United States. Regardless of whether it be football, ball, or hockey, as far back as the turn of the century, collegiate games have received an excess of income to their particular Universities, and in addition […]

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Money Makin College Athletes

10,800,000,000. Ten point eight billion dollars. I had to write it both ways because I had trouble reading that number out loud, and you probably will too. Think about the amount of zeros in that number. With that amount of money you can buy 74 Bugatti hyper-cars, stay 5,731 nights in the United States America’s […]

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The Importance of Paying College Athletes

In discussions of compensation for college athletes, a point of disagreement has been weather or not college athletes should be paid for their heavy amount of hard work and dedication. Often, business analysts and sports writers argue that college athletes have no time to work and therefore should be paid, while others contend that college […]

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Why College Athletes Deserve a Salary

The NCAA was created in 1905 with help by Theodore Roosevelt. When the late president helped organize this organization he never would have believed the success and popularity over the years. The Ncaa started out to be a place where young athletes could go to further their career. Now the Ncaa is a 11 billion […]

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Student-Athletes and Compensation

Created in the 1950r’s, the term student-athlete is still the NCAAr’s foundation of all prior and current debates about not paying collegiate athletes. The current debate is less about should these high caliber players be paid by the universities and now seems more focused on how they can receive their share of a multi-billion-dollar industry […]

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Why College Athletes should be Paid

As the end of high school approaches, some student- athletes have the option to play a sport in college. One question they may ask themselves would be, Is it worth it to play a sport in college?, considering all the time put into the sport while having to maintain good grades. You must be a […]

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Classification of College Athletes

In college there are numerous of sports that individuals can get involved with,although every player has their different reasons for why they play the sport they have one thing in common they are a College Athlete and they are competitors. As an easygoing peruse of the games’ area of this daily paper, the community witnesses […]

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Corruption Hinders Athlete Pay

Ed O’Bannon Trial: Other side The NCAA runs a business that uses advertising and player likeness to help fund the games, practices, and tournaments that all athletes play in. This money and the very principles of amateurism are what the NCAA used to fight against the Ed O’Bannon case. As Solomon (2018) pointed out, the […]

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NCAA Mission Statement

The National Collegiate Athletic Association is the largest governing body for collegiate sports in America. They are a multi-billion dollar company and across their three divisions they have 1,117 member colleges and universities (Vcortez, 2018). The NCAA writes and enforces all amateurism rules for the schools that compete under their umbrella. Those amateurism rules include […]

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The Treatment of College Athletes

What is the actual purpose for college sports? Although college has always been considered a stepping stone on an individual’s path to achieving their full potential, the question of just how to make the time itself in college useful is rarely asked. College athletes are currently attend university with their attention torn between both their […]

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Student-Athletes should be Paid by NCAA

Professionals get paid to put their bodies on the line for the team they are playing for, why shouldnt it be the same for college athletes? It is true, collegiate athletes are considered extremely lucky because they are gifted with a multitude of scholarship opportunities to play for that school and are given the right […]

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College Athletes Ready for a Career

Los Angeles Lakers point guard Lonzo Ball recently said in an interview that college athletes should be paid. Everybody knows everybody’s getting paid,” Ball said. “That’s just how it is. Everybody’s getting paid anyway, you might as well make it legal. That’s how I feel.(Boone) This is a common opinion that athletes have about the […]

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College Athletes should not be Paid

College sports, an industry that earns billions because of the millions of people that gather to watch athletes play, has come under fire for not paying said athletes. While many think that athletes should be paid in college, such a practice would be impractical, most athletes do not generate enough revenue to be paid, such […]

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The Reasons why College Athletes should be Paid

For a long while now, there has been a major discussion about regardless of whether student athletes should be paid be paid. A few people trust that a grant ought to be installment enough. All things considered, a grant can be effortlessly worth $15,000 – $25,000 or more every year, in addition to a vocation […]

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The Life of a College Athletes

The life of a college athlete is not easy. Managing both academics and sports life is challenging. These hard workers sacrifice many things to compete well in their sport, but none of these athletes get paid. Scholarships are given out to talented individuals, but not many of those are full ride scholarships, and that does […]

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NCAA should be Paying the College Athletes

The NCAA is really Fd up said Ben simmons per espn’s Myron Medcalf. For a couple years now people have been debating whether or not the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) should be paying there college athletes. While seemingly operating in a purely professional atmosphere, the NCAA continues to endorse an amateurism concept in college […]

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College is the Perfect Start for Athletes’ Career

College and professional sports associations have many players on their rosters. Most people on college teams are looking to advance their careers into the pros. In professional sports associations like the NFL, the MLS, or the MLB players make a contract with the team that they are participating or playing with. When a player signs […]

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Do College Athletes Deserve Pay

People tend to believe that college sports are just activities that provide athletes with recognition leading up to a higher and greater sports organization like the NBA, NFL, and so on. Many people do not see college sports as a job and therefore the participants should not be paid salaries or wages of any kind […]

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College Athletes and Scholarship

Kids develop loving to play sports in their free time. They never get paid to play once they are at a young age. they are doing it for the love of the sport and for the requirement for competition. this can be the method that it’s in school without delay. school athletes compete with all […]

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The Effects of Exercise on Hydration Status of College Athletes

With human body mass being made up of about 60% water, proper hydration with exercise is essential (6). According to Mayo Clinic, fluid replenishment before, during, and after exercise is necessary for accurate body performance (6). Pervious research has shown that dehydration of 2% to 3% body mass loss or more is connected with impaired […]

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Should College Athletes be Paid

Today, sports are not any more pointless fooling around, sports are a business, and school sports are the same. Division I school sports give an immense wellspring of colleges’ pay. The school gets cash from ticket deals, TV contracts, and game related stock, alongside numerous different games related income manufacturers. The competitors then again, get […]

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The Right to Compensate the Athletes

Whether it be watching football on Saturday afternoons in Fall or trying to predict the perfect bracket for March Madness, many Americans seek to be entertained through college sports. In fact, college sports, namely football and basketball, generate billions of dollars of revenue each year (Edelman, 2017). At the heart of this revenue are the […]

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Weed Concerning to College Athletes

The question of college athletes using marijuana in college has stirred up a great controversy in today’s society. The topic is controversial because in some states the drug is legal, but it is still illegal at the federal level. It also is said to give athletes some benefits and non-benefits that can affect the athlete. […]

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High-Risk Drinking in College Athletes and Nonathletes

The article High-Risk Drinking in College Athletes and Nonathletes Across the Academic Year from the journal, Journal of College Counseling which is written by Diana M. Doumas, Rob Turrisi, Kenneth M. Coll, and Kate Haralson, explores heavy drinking and alcohol-related consequences between freshman student-athletes and non-athletes. Student-athletes are at a higher risk of it than […]

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To Pay College Athletes or not to Pay

The question that has become a revolving door, should college athletes be paid? I find myself not having a strong stance for either side. So instead I want to look at both sides. Having played sports in high-school myself I can see both sides, and think each position is valid. Some might argue why college […]

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Paying College Athletes

The world of college sports continues to grow each and every year. This brings in a great deal of money to the schools and their sponsors. With that being said, this leads to my argument on if we should pay college athletes. Many individuals believe that athletes who are at school on a scholarship are […]

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Research Paper FAQ

Why should college athletes be paid?

There are several reasons why college athletes should be paid. The sports itself takes a lot of time, like a full-time job. Students would be more motivated to win and achieve more remarkable results. In addition, college students pay all the expenses themselves, and the salary would help them have savings and invest in their future. At the top of it all, college sports is an industry worth billions.

How much should college athletes be paid?

It is hard to say how much college athletes should be paid, as strict laws and rules are needed. However, colleges could manage to do that. Some studies suggest that paying college athlete stars similarly to professional athletes would mean that some players would earn more than $2 million per season.

Why should college athletes not be paid?

The biggest reasons for college athletes to not be paid are the fact they would neglect to study. The whole arrangement would not be fair to other students. Paying a lot of money to athletes would ultimately defeat the purpose of college. It all begs questions such as which athletes would be paid and what will happen with high school students. Shouldn’t they be paid as well?

Essay on Should College Athletes Be Paid

Los Angeles Lakers point guard Lonzo Ball recently said in an interview that college athletes should be paid. “Everybody knows everybody’s getting paid,’ Ball said. ‘That’s just how it is. Everybody’s getting paid anyway, you might as well make it legal. That’s how I feel.”(Boone) This is a common opinion that athletes have about the subject. College athletes should not be paid. Many college athletes are on a paid scholarship anyways and get the opportunity to go to school for free. College athletes should just be appreciative for the chance they have. If a player is skilled enough to be paid to play in college, then they should have no problem playing professional sports after college.

By no means is it easy to be a college student-athlete. Having to focus on classes, attend film sessions, practice 17-20 hours a week, games towards the end of the week, workout sessions, etc. College athletes have a lot on their plate with sports and school and are sometimes forced to miss class. These athletes work hard and sacrifice their freetime for no pay at all, but that is just how it should be. When you choose to become a college athlete, you are conscious of your decision and aware of what it takes. As difficult a job these athletes have, they should still not receive pay to play sports at a college level. A college is a place where students go to further their education so they can get some kind of successful career they are interested in. The second college-student athletes begin to receive pay, they will see college as a place where they can go to make money, rather than a place to get them ready for a career.

As one begins to consider incorporating revenue for college players, the same important questions arise. How would you determine who gets payed? How do you decide how much you would pay a certain player or team? Would you pay every player on a team? A lot is to be considered. Athletes would obviously want to play for a college who gives out the largest salary, making it difficult for smaller schools to recruit athletes and easier for bigger schools. This would put colleges in competition to see who can have the higher salary. College would quickly transform from a place where you go to get a better education, to more of a competitive business like environment between other schools. When less popular colleges are shut down because they cannot provide a decent sports program, this can deny other students of getting the opportunity at a higher education, which would not be fair. Sports at the collegiate level are still extracurricular activities and should be the second priority under education.

If the NCAA decided to pay college athletes then they would simply be taking away the purity of the game. Players would be more committed to making money, rather than playing a sport that he or she loves or enjoys. College sports would begin to revolve around revenue, and participants would become consumed with the thought of making money as opposed to playing in an extracurricular sport in college. Student athletes may work hard to do the things they do, but when participating in a sport, money should not be their reason for playing. A true athlete continues to play the sport he or she loves because they are passionate about the game, not because of the amount of money they can earn.

Student athletes in college should not receive pay because a number of reasons. A lot may have their own opinion on the matter such as why they should be paid. Continuing to keep money out of the question for college athletes is the best idea. College should not be looked at as a place where athletes can go and get paid to play sports. Collegiate level sports should be looked at as an opportunity to play sports while getting a degree, and in some cases, a place where athletes can be recognized as above average players as well as make it to the next level as a professional where you can make a salary playing the sport you enjoy.

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