The Beginning of my Future

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My personal interests are reading, children, dogs, and cats. I enjoy reading books, especially fantasy books because reading fantasy books make me feel like I’m in the story. Another thing I enjoy is taking care of children, I love to play with them, talk to them, and especially take care of them because I naturally love kids. As I grew up I loved kids even more especially because I have a big family with a lot of kids. The last thing that I enjoy is dogs and cats because my parents surrounded me with lots of dogs and cats making me love them so much. I wanted to keep every dog and cat I can find and I would call them my babies. My work values are friendship, companionship, family, personal integrity, and moral courage. I value friendship and companionship because I want people to support me and love me for who I am but correct me if I’m wrong, like what my friends do now. I also value family because my family takes care of me and loves me for me, so when they get old I want to take care of them like how they took care of me. I value integrity and courage because I don’t want to do anything bad that will break my honor or break someone’s trust and I value courage because I believe if you really believe in something or someone you should do it with no fear. My multiple skills are understanding people, taking care of kids, and taking care of animals. I understand people very well by putting myself in their shoes or asking questions. I take care of kids well because of my family teaching me how to take care of them. I take care of animals(dogs and cats) well from watching my parents taking care of them.

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“The Beginning of my Future”

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The first career I’m interested in is being a teacher, a preschool teacher because for my interests and skills I love to take care of kids, talk to them, and play with them. For my values, I value friendship so I teach them how to make friends and how to support each other. The work environment for preschool teachers is usually in public schools, private schools, child day care services and sometimes family services. Preschool teachers teach kids under 5 years old, who has not been to kindergarten yet, about language, vocabulary, social skills, colors, shapes, letters, and numbers. The training that they need experiences in childcare like a childcare worker or teacher assistant. The skills that they need are communication skills, interpersonal skills, organizational skills, creativity, patience, physical stamina. Preschool teachers need an associate’s or a bachelor’s degree and they get paid $28,990 per year.

The second career I am interested in is being a social worker(kids and elderly people) because for my interests, skills, and values I love to help kids, I try to understand people and I want to be their companion when they need one. A social worker’s work environment is usually in an office but they mostly spend time outside the office visiting clients. They help people solve and cope with their problems in their life like adopting a child or a terminal illness. They need two years of supervised training and they need communication skills, emotional skills, interpersonal skills, organizational skills, and problem-solving skills. They need a bachelor’s or master’s degree and they get paid $47,980 per year. Being a social worker means you need to have a lot of patience with children, elderly people or anyone you’re helping, you need to earn their trust and you need to understand them.

In conclusion, you need to earn be friendly and understanding so they can trust you. You also need a lot of patience when working with children, elderly people or anyone. My interests, skills, and values match my career goals because being kind, understanding, and having great communication skills can make people trust you easier to tell you their problems. To achieve the career goals I have to do all my homework neatly and make sure it’s correct. I also need to turn it in on time so I can get good grades like A’s and B’s. I should also ask questions when I have trouble going the work/homework and not later when it’s too late.

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