Muhammad Ali (boxing)

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Who is Muhammad Ali? Muhammad Ali is a famous boxer who was given that nickname by his mentor/trainer. His real name is Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. Muhammad was a social activist he helped many people with problems such as diseases, was titled “The greatest” from many people who would seem him for having the title of the Heavyweight champion.

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Muhammad Ali was born in January 17, 1942. He started to do boxing after he was robbed at the age of 12 he reported to a police officer named Joe Martin who introduced him to boxing so he can defend himself. Him and his family had been exposed to racial tensions and humiliations he was in a building where they would separate the colored people with the white people such as bathrooms and also water fountains. Soon after a couple years of boxing he then won a gold olympic medal in rome at the age of 18 that’s when his fame started because of his race people started to pay more attention to him.

Muhammad Ali didn’t graduate and didn’t get a degree because right after he graduated from high school (central high school) he went to the light heavyweight summer Olympic to win his first gold medal. He protested against going to the army for the vietnam war because he was a muslim so he wouldn’t because of his religious beliefs, Muhammad said that he didn’t feel right shooting a ‘brother” for no reason whatsoever he would rather go to jail then shoot someone only for being poor and or just because they are a different color. So because of the reason Muhammad ali refused they placed him in the army anyway tho when they called his name he would not step forward they told him it was a felony he would serve 5 years in prison and it was also a $10,000 dollar fine he got away from staying prison for 5 years he got his licenses suspended for boxing. This proves that he would give up almost anything just to do what is right and on what he believes in, even if it costs him what he loves to do because he knew it was wrong to hurt people for merily being a different colored skin then those who thought were “superior”. So Muhammad Ali would then start to donate millions of dollars anonymously to the anti-war movement so they can improve on their situation he would also donate lots of money to centers for example to find the cure for diseases such as parkinson’s disease which he had which was affecting him on thinking clearly he developed this disease for getting to many hits in the head during matches and it would affect his brain for not thinking clearly/straight, so not a lot of people would understand him and would usually only communicate with simple head shakes.

Some major accomplishments that Muhammad Ali has received was the title of heavyweight champion three times , something not as easy as it sounds, which he defended as well 19 times. The reason he started was because he wanted to defend self when he was 12 because someone stole his bike and so soon a police officer named Joe Martin told him about boxing and so he found his passion for boxing. Another accomplishment that Muhammad has done was donate lots of money to help people with medical supplies and food and also centers to help find the cure for diseases. He also has won the testify for going against the vietnam war although he almost ended up in prison for 5 years and also had to pay a fine.

In conclusion Muhammad Ali died in June 3, 2016 known as the greatest for keeping his title of Heavyweight champion in different and interesting places for 19 times which not many people can accomplish. He also was open minded to black people and he wouldn’t want to hurt them he for his muslim beliefs wouldn’t let him. He would alway reference himself with other things just like his famous quote “Float like a butterfly sting like bee” which means he is as majestic as a butterfly but he packs a punch just like a bee which sometimes there stings hurt. This is why Muhammad Ali is known to be The Greatest as in his boxing for having the title and being a social activist so can do everything in his power to help. 

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