A Famous Boxer Muhammad Ali

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Muhammad Ali was known for being a famous boxer. He endured living a life in a city of racial discrimination. Once he became a religious man and converted to the religion of Islam, they changing the name Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali. Ali was one of the strongest boxers that has ever lived,and was also known for being boastful.

Early life/ Early career

Muhammad Ali was born January 17, 1942, in Louisville Kentucky. He had a sister and four brothers. Muhammad early career started when his bike was stolen, he had told it to the cops and told them to find the man that stole his bike so he could knock him out. The cops insisted that he should learn how to box first before going into a fight. He enter a gym in witch Martin a cop taught him how to box. After that Ali loved boxing, his first boxing match he won just by a split decision. After that in 1959 he won the national golden gloves tournament. Ali had learned how to move with grace. He went to the olympics at the age 18 only to win the heavyweight gold medal by beatin Zbigniew pretrzkowkis from poland. Only to throw his medal to the ohio river after being refused to be served at a white only restaurant.

Career/ Later life

Ali became the heavyweight champion in 1964. At that time Ali became black
muslim later changing to orthodox muslim. At that time the Vietnam war started he was drafted in April 1967. Because of his religion Ali refused to go to war, he was taken to court and found guilty of violating selective service and was suspended from boxing for three years. Ali returned to fight Jerry Quarry. In 1971 Ali took on Joe Frazier. It was called the fight of the century during the 15th round Ali lost only to beat Frazier in a rematch. In 1974 Ali went against undefeated George Freeman, for once Ali was the underdog. Ali knockout foreman in the eight won using A rope-a-dope technique to tired out Foreman. In 1975 Ali faced Joe Frazier agiang only to win him this time when Frazier coach through in the towel. In February 1978 Ali lose his title to Leo Spinks, rematching Leo he won to become the first person to become a heavyweight champion three times. Ali had a brief retirement he came back to face Larry homes and loss, his last lost to Trevor Berbick was when he decide to retired for good in 1981 at the age of 37. Ali was also given the nickname G.O.A.T. During Ali career muhammad Ali married 4 wives and got 9 children. Ali network was a total of 80 million dollars. In 1984 Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. When Ali retired he devoted his time to philanthropy, he also supported special olympics. In 1996 one of the most mebramle Ali ever did was lit the summer olympics caldron, and in 2005 Ali was given the Presidential medal of freedom. Muhammad Ali died June 3, 2016.


I chose Muhammad Ali because I admire how a small boy who wanted to fight the man that stole his bike into one of the greatest boxer of all time. I'm also awed that he persevered into become a boxer even when he grew up from a city of discrimination. I learned that I should always try even if its a city of hate.

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