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The “Death Penalty” as Capital Punishment Today

In the time of the Pentateuch, God’s creation moves from Adam and Eve to Moses setting up the foundation of the Jewish people, with rules that last until today. This included rules about people, property or traditional customs. The penalties included the penalty of death. I am familiar with these rules for what then was […]

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Whether or not Juveniles are Subject to the Death Penalty

As time continued, the juvenile court system continued to make steps in making it procedures more like criminal courts. In re Winship, 397 U.S. 358 (1970), a twelve-year-old boy, Samuel Winship had been arrested and charged for breaking into a woman’s locker and stealing $112 from her purse. The Family Court found Winship guilty based […]

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Iranian Law Same-sex is Death Penalty

Many cities in Texas still do not protect transgender or people’s gender identity in the workplace. Meaning that a person could be fired or not hired by just their sexual orientation or gender identity. 22 out of the 50 states have made it illegal to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation which is less […]

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Black Man Death Penalty

My Dearest Great-Grandson, In the first half of the twentieth century, life as an African American was anything but a stroll in the park. The end of the Civil War sparked the beginning of a new fight; one that would last beyond the day I died. Although slavery was outlawed, it seemed like society tried […]

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Death Penalty is Morally, Socially and Politically Wrong

  Search for legitimate points and examples throughout time to support both sides of this issue. Each point should be supported by evidence from primary and secondary sources. 10 completely different sources; use the auto-cite feature on using mla format (Please type these points out and do not plagiarize) follow the appropriate protocol to […]

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Nuremberg Nazis Death Penalty

The public is aware that majority of politicians focus remotely on being re-elected by being concerned on winning votes rather than shaping future policies, and helping run the government. True political courage is the act of a person that will add awareness to what is right rather than public opinion, setting aside votes, and fear […]

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Juvenile Justice

Juvenile Justice One aspect of juvenile justice that I found to be extremely significant is the development of a separate court system. The very first juvenile court took place in cook county of Chicago Illinois. The legal basis for the jurisdiction of the court was Parens Patriae. This doctrine set the foundation for the intervention […]

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Social Problem and Death Penalty

People are hurting themselves because others have a different point of view on who they are and what they do. America has a lot of social issues, some could even say they are modernized from older times. A lot of people still have that olden days mind set where everyone has to follow the same […]

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Human Rights in Different Countries

According to Reichel, “today legal scholars identify three or four legal traditions (some call them legal families)”. (Reichel, n.d., p.76) They are the following: Common, Islamic, and Eastern Asia traditions. Among the countries, which represent them we can find U.A.E., China, England. Common legal traditions are represented in England. China can be named the representative […]

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Death Penalty Gets in Contradiction with International Legal Standards

There are also concerns about the irrevocability of punishment, given the possibility of the fallacy of the criminal justice system. While many groups oppose any reintroduction of the death penalty, its reinstatement remains popular among the public. Those who advocate its re-introduction, refer to natural justice and its value as a deterrent. However, this apparent […]

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Why Addiction and Mental Health Treatment is Important

The United States holds only 5% of the world’s population, but its prisons and jails hold around 25% of the entire world’s incarcerated, with over 2 million people in prison. Kentucky alone holds 25,000 state prisoners making it ninth in the nation per capita and number two for women. It is projected that Kentucky’s prisons […]

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Criminal Justice in Saudi Arabia

Current Saudi Arabian Courts System: At present, Saudi Arabia has a double judicial framework included the Shari’ah Courts System and a free managerial judiciary known as the Board of Grievances. Notwithstanding the past legal bodies, there are a few Administrative Committees have jurisdiction to hear certain predetermined cases. Additionally, the Law of the Judiciary allows […]

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Comparing Partnerships and Company

 Introduction This question is about the comparison between the partnerships and company. The question require us to determine whether which type of business structure is suitable for Mr. Azwan and Mr. Zuhri and advise them. In the end, we will be able to know about what the differences between partnerships and company are and why […]

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