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The Manifestation of Medical Ethics in Life

The advancements in medical technology has completely impacted the healthcare industry. The structure and organization of the entire medical field has been changed. Medicine is continually moving forward due to technology. The rise of technology has helped with diagnoses, access to care, treatment plans, and much more. Diseases are being cured, and earlier diagnoses’ have […]

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Development of Medicine Elimination of Old Diseases

According to the Canary foundation “The plague of breast cancer has been around for more than a few decades but rather centuries tracing back to 3000 B.C.” this demonstrates how the current prominence of this disease was inevitable as it has been around for so long. I feel as though due to the current spike […]

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Michelle Obama is a Strong Woman

 She is a well known person from the helpful decisions she has made. She has done good things for people during the 8 years in office. Married to a president comes with a lot of responsibilities, and having her life buried in economics.  Michelle and her brother grew up on the southside of her great-aunts […]

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How Emissions Affect our Body

In a town close to Bangor, Pennsylvania, a small number of Italians that originated from Roseto lived together as a community. Roseto, Pennsylvania was its own tiny world, and had stayed strictly Italian from the day it was formed to several decades after 1900. The town remained unknown by most of the world until a […]

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Antidepressants Versus Acupuncture in Postpartum Depression

DepressionEvidence-based practice (EBP) is the use of the best current evidence and practices integrated into patient care. Using EBP when caring for a patient is considered to be best practice and the hope is that it results in good outcomes for the patient (Ignatavicius, Workman & Rebar, 2018). This paper will discuss the concept of […]

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Critical Analysis Postpartum Depression

I selected postpartum depression (PPD) for my critical analysis paper because I wanted to increase my knowledge and awareness surrounding PPD. While I participated in the direct care of many individuals at high risk for PPD, the patient I selected for my critical analysis was a case that surprised me, as I felt she was […]

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Effects of Yoga on Postpartum Depression

Antepartum depression (ADP) and postpartum depression (PPD), disorders characterized by mood changes during pregnancy and after delivery, negatively impact maternal and child physical and mental health (Bershadsky et al., 2014). Triggers of postpartum depression may stem from before the mother was pregnant, while the mother was pregnant, or after birth. Different aspects of the mother’s […]

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Beliefs of Islamic Culture and their Customs

The Muslim population is one that varies significantly when compared to other populations. Carrying out highest quality care to the Muslim population entails becoming aware of the practices and beliefs of the Islamic culture. In order to provide care to the Muslim population, it is crucial to first do extensive research on the specific culture […]

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The Question that Made the Scientist Think

According to, “The vast majority of adults eat more sodium than they should—an average of more than 3,400 mg each day.” 3,400 mg a day is like eating a little less than 4 bowls of Ramen noodles every day! Eating this much salt can cause Heart Failure, Kidney Failure, and your blood pressure to […]

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Social Determinants of Health COPD

What did the Whitehall study reveal about the connection between health and wealth? What is the wealth-health gradient? The Whitehall study revealed that the lower an individual’s grade of employment, the higher their risk of disease and illness. The wealth-health gradient describes the fine gradation of wealth and health in relation to one another. No […]

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Understanding of the Term Social Determinants of Health

Social determinants of health are multidimensional non-medical circumstances in which an individual is born, grows, and lives such as socioeconomic status, citizenship status, English language proficiency, education, environment, employment, support networks, and access to healthcare which have major implications on health equity. There is increasing recognition that these factors adversely influence individuals’ ability to participate […]

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What are the Social Determinants of Health

Income, a key indicator of economic capital, has been commonly found to be associated with the population health and risk of diseases since it enables people to pay for the medical service and insurance plan, to live in a health-promoting, supportive and safe neighborhood and to choose healthier, often more expensive food (Abel, 2008). Also, […]

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The Importance of Social Health to Human Development

As we develop, We become a piece of various networks around us like school, school, office, and so forth. Social wellbeing may sound insignificant and hard to manage yet it stands together of the mainstays of wellbeing. Social wellbeing can altogether affect an individual’s psychological, physical, and passionate prosperity. Research shows that social associations have […]

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