Fundraising should not be Imposed on Club Members

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Fundraising. By its dictionary definition, fundraising is the organized activity of soliciting money or pledges for different organizations. (Alliteration) Just ask any high school student what they feel fundraising is, and their reply will most certainly contradict any dictionary definition. (Alliteration, Repetition) To a high school student, fundraising is the most irritating activity any club or sports team can request of a member. To a club or sports team, fundraising is a necessity, and a necessity is to fundraise. (Parallel Structure, Antithesis) Fundraising is needed in order to raise money for that activity. Who likes to be told how much they must sell in order to benefit a club or a sports team? (Rhetorical Question) Not many students, if any at all. Fundraising is a painful and time-consuming activity that silently requests students to plead with their friends, their family, and their neighbors with the slim possibility of getting them to purchase whatever little trivets or goods they are required to sell. (Parallel Structure)

Should fundraising be a required component of belonging to a club or a sports team? (Rhetorical Question) Should there be set standards on how much one must sell or how much money one must collect? (Rhetorical Question, Parallel Structure) This is not what belonging to a club or a sports team should be about. (Negative Definition) But unfortunately, this is what it has become. Fundraising has become a demand upon the students rather than a gesture used to show their dedication to the club or sports team. It is not always easy to sell or collect money, and students begin to feel unworthy when they cannot comply with the suggested amount. (Negative Definition, Repetition) It is not always easy to sell or collect money when students are in constant competition with many other students selling similar items. (Negative Definition, Repetition) In some cases, parents purchase items being sold because they are able to since they are in a higher economic position.

Hence, fundraising is easier for those students. On the other hand, some students must work harder to find people to purchase their goods since their families cannot afford to purchase them from their children. Are these the goals clubs and sports teams want displayed? (Rhetorical Question) To make students feel undeserving of being members Most certainly not. But unfortunately, that is the message being displayed to all students. All students are affected, including those who are members and those who are not. (Parallel Structure) The morals and intentions of clubs and sports teams have become quite distorted in today's society. Fundraising demands withdraw from the main intent and purpose of the organization. Students forget why they are collecting money and therefore feel it is unnecessary.

In conclusion, I feel fundraising should not be impressed upon students who are involved with clubs and sports teams but should be an option instead. Without the pressure of having to sell goods, students are likely to want to sell goods to support the individual organizations. (Parallel Structure) As long as the demand is not there, students will step up to the plate on their own time with a desire to do so. (Analogy)

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