Football as a most Popular Team Game

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Football has always been a part of a lot of individuals lives throughout the United States. Many people have a love for the game, but some disapprove of it. Is it possible that one of America’s most popular sports has become so controversial it may be at risk of becoming banned? Most Americans spend their weekends sitting on their couch with their face glued to their television watching football. You may think that is all there is to the game, but you’re wrong. Not only is this game a part of America’s tradition, but it improves discipline, physical health, teamwork, and work ethic. Many Teenagers and Young adults have also built their lives off of the game by obtaining scholarships to have their college paid off. Even some adults use this game to support them financially if they make it professionally.

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“Football as a most Popular Team Game”

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There has always been controversy between people arguing whether American football should be banned. Football has always been one of America’s pastimes, and always will be. “Up until the 19th century, many versions of what can be called mob football existed. Things began to change, however, by 1869, when Rutgers and Princeton played what effectively became known as the first intercollegiate football game” (Maltaweel, 2016). The game of football has been around for a lengthy amount of time, so why should they ban it now if they haven’t in the past? During fall, kids gather around after school every week to prepare for their game on Friday night. Not just teens and young adults, but the older generations also use football to connect with one another. They huddle up in the stadium on a chilly dark night to cheer on their local football teams. Although there are many positive outcomes with the game of football, there are still negative situations that could occur. Several Medical doctors and Scientists have recently been trying to determine If there is a direct correlation between head injuries and football.

Even though football is a contact sport, there are still numerous reasons on how football is a positive impact to society. One orthopedic surgeon claims “Football requires conditioning and strength training, which are excellent forms of exercise and good for cardiovascular health” (Behr, n.d.). Football players usually weight train heavily during the offseason to build muscle mass and improve their physical state. They do a majority of their weight training in the offseason because during the season they spend a hefty chunk of their time practicing. When they lose weight and gain muscle, their bodies become healthier because the athletes lose fat and gain muscle. For instance, “A 5 -month football intervention program (60-90 min, four times a week) can be effectively implemented in the elementary school setting and was effective in enhancing the psychological well-being of overweight children” (Saebra et al., 2014). That study shows that it is beneficial to players who participate in these programs because it enhances their well-being.

Another reason for why football should not be banned is because it promotes teamwork, work ethic, and discipline. For example, younger athletes that have just entered the high-school playing field will have guidance from their older teammates. The veterans show them what it’s like and teach them how to adjust to the game which is now played at a faster pace. While playing this sport, you must work together will all of your fellow peers to be successful and reach a common goal. During each down you must focus and pay attention to all the details or you will not execute the play successfully, this is a part of discipline. From keeping your grades up, to early morning workouts, and even team policies, discipline and work ethic is implemented on all aspects of the game. Teammates and Coaches help demonstrate discipline on and off the playing field. These football ethics are some things you may possibly need during real-life situations

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