Football and the Green

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National Football League (NFL) players who retired are now coming out saying they smoked the plant. Martellus Bennet a Tight End (TE) for multiple teams The Dallas Cowboys, The Chicago Bears, The New England Patriots, The Green Bay Packers, and then back to the Patriots. He then retired March 23, 2018, as a member of The New England Patriots with Tom Brady at the helm of the offense Tom was one of if not the greatest Quarterback of all time. When Martellus retired he came out and said to USA Today Sports 89% of the National Football League smokes. Bennet was recorded in an interview saying NFL players use it for other things not to just get high, there are times in the year our body just hurts from all the hard-hitting pressures of the long season. Many may not believe in God because they might not be Christians, but Michael and I believe that God made marijuana, it is grown in the ground not made by human hands such as the anti-inflammatory pills or the painkillers.

Eben Britton is a former Offensive Lineman for the Jacksonville Jaguars, he had a routine says The New York Post He took an ice bath followed by a hot shower, did his routine stretches then he smoked a joint (Michael Kaplan Sept 18, 2018). Eben would also say I played three games stoned, they were some of the best games I played I just felt better and more focused. Eben was invited to the GCC (Gridiron Cannabis Coalition) which was created by a former NFL star offensive-lineman Kyle Turley. He was invited to speak about his experiences as a player and all the injuries he suffered. He was asked to come to talk about how he felt on the situation as in how painkillers hurt a players body while cannabis can be used for the same thing as a painkiller but it doesn't make you feel sick.

The GCC (The Gridiron Cannabis Coalition) has their own website telling you about them and what they stand for ( The GCC started around 2015 and their mission is to get the message out that cannabis is a medicine, they want people to be able to use something that helps them get through the day. They are dedicated to getting it to know that players and other citizens need this medicine for some type of injuries. They have multiple blogs on their website with retired players talking about how they use it now to help with old injuries they had while playing. Nate Jackson is a former Tight End (TE) for the Denver Broncos who is in four different blog posts for the GCC. The post that really spoke to me was PainKillers in the NFL: Nate Jackson on hurt vs injured he talked about how he was given a shot called Toradol it was going to allow him to play the next night with no pain. The reason he was given the shot was that during a game in Cleveland he was hit in the head and neck area. After the game on the plane ride back he wasn't able to move his head/neck, he went to the doctor to ask for painkillers and the doctor didn't give him enough and he said you know doc is going to have to go to the street after these are gone (jokingly) but he wasn't sure if the doctor knew he was joking and just laughed it off. He thought maybe the doctor didn't care if he was going to get pills off the street or not.

NFL players are also sharing the article below it talks about what is CBD oil and does it really work on the website www.LiveScience CBD oil is a concentrated extract from a marijuana plant, known as Cannabis Sativa. THC and CBD are different but they are both cannabinoids THC has a psychoactive compound, that's how people get high or faded as some would say. Cannabinoids are the compounds in the plant, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) are the most famous of the compounds to be used. CBD doesn't have the psychoactive effects as THC, that's what most people try to use because they don't want that high you get from the THC. CBD that doesn't have THC flies under the radar of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), CBD is legally sold in stores and is becoming more accepted into our society. The article states by the year 2020 CBD will be a 2.2 billion dollar industry (Kimberly Hickok Aug 28, 2018). CBD can help football players or anyone in pain for that matter because it doesn't have that THC that psychoactive drug inside of it. It still has the calming and relaxing effects without the illegal substance.

Football and Weed is an article on www.benzinga that talks about how one professional basketball league the North American Premier Basketball League or NAPB is the first professional league to allow CBD. This isn't football but it is just showing you the stepping stones, maybe soon enough the NFL could allow CBD into their medicine for players instead of painkillers or just a safer alternative. They interviewed Marvin Washington a former Super Bowl Champion played for the Denver Broncos, for some who don't know what the Super Bowl is it's the biggest game in American Football. He played on three teams The New York Jets, The Sanfransisco 49ers, and The Denver Broncos, he played a total of eleven seasons. In 2017 Marvin was part of a lawsuit filed against Attorney General Jeff Sessions to try and make cannabis a schedule 1 drug. Washington says CBD is a safe alternative because most of the injuries are inflammatory related and CBD does the same thing the opioids do as in acting as an anti-inflammatory without all the unhealthiness.

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