A Report about Charles Robert Darwin

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My report is about a Marine scientist, English naturalist, geologist, and biologist named Charles Robert Darwin. He was born February 12, 1809 in Shrewsbury, England and died August 19, 1882 in Downe, Kent. He was best known for his contributions to the science of evolution. From August of 1831 through 1836, he signed as a naturalist on a scientific voyage aboard HMS Beagle for 5 years. After his voyage from around the world he was working on his theory in private from 1837 to 1839. Two decades later he finally released a published book named on the origin of species to the public in 1859.

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“A Report about Charles Robert Darwin”

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Darwin was the second son of society Robert Waring Darwin and of Susannah Wedgewood. His mother died when he was eight, so he was sent to boarding school in Shrewsbury where he was mediocre student when he tried his best. Due to Darwin being from a family of doctors, his father sent Charles and his older brother to the University of Edinburgh to study medicine. However, Charles couldn’t bear to see blood, so he decided to study natural history. Which made his dad mad and was went off to Christ’s College in Cambridge to become clergyman. While he studied, he started a beetle collection and kept studying nature. Charle’s mentor, John Stevens Henslow, recommended Charles as a Naturalist on a voyage with Robert FitzRoy.  On this voyage it gave him to study different specimens across the globe and collect some to study back England. He even read books by Charles Lyell and Thomas Malthus, which influenced his thoughts on evolution. In 1838, when Darwin came back from his voyage, he married his first cousin Emma Wedgewood. 

He then began to research and catalog his specimen for a couple of years. In 1854, he collaborated with Alfred Russel Wallace to present the idea of evolution and natural selection. Then he published a book called The Descent of Man Charles Darwin went into detail on how humans had evolved. Darwin’s work instantly became famous and viewed by scientists across the globe.  Darwin’s theory of evolution declared that species survived through the process called natural election where animals that were successfully adapted or evolved to meet their changing environment survived. While other species that have failed to evolve and reproduce, they died off. During his observations and studies of birds, plants and fossils, Darwin noticed a couple similarities with species all over the world. Along with different variations on specific locations, persuading him to believe that the species we know today had gradually evolved from common ancestors.

After more years of study, research and investigation, Darwin announced publicly his revolutionary Theory of Revolution in a letter read in a meeting of the Linnaean Society in 1858. To support his new theory and his new revolutionary ideas, Darwin published a detailed explanation of his theories in his most famous work on his book Origins of Species by Means of Species on November 24, 1859. Darwin’s famous publication and theory created a worldwide uproar and intense and often heated debate everywhere. The concept of Man evolving from common ancestors along with apes and monkeys and other animal creatures was unacceptable by many due to deep religious beliefs that Man was created by God and was central and superior to the entire world’s species. Darwin was often and viciously portrayed in discussions and print media as an evil and unhinged scientist who must have lost his mind.

After a lifetime of research and study, Darwin passed away on April 19, 1882 in his home Down House, in London. He was buried at Westminster Abbey Darwin was recognized during his lifetime as a great and important thinker and revolutionary scientist. Many scientists and men around the world believed that Darwin was a good man who helped his fellow man advance forward dramatically in his understanding of the world around him. It took years for other people to finally accept that Darwin’s theory was based on factual science. However, even in our modern age, there are many who do not believe in the Theory of Evolution as it conflicts with their strong belief in Creationism, the religious view that all nature was created and born of God

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