My Attitude to Charles Darwin

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Charles Darwin, was a great man. He made many discoveries throughout his life. He wrote many books about his discoveries and theories he had. Darwin published his theory of evolution with compelling evidence in his 1859 book, On the Origin of Species. He is most well known for his studies at the Galapagos islands. The Galapagos Islands are an archipelago of 13 major islands and more than a hundred smaller islands that straddle the equator off the Ecuadorian coast. They are home to an amazing place of unique animal species such as giant tortoises, iguanas, fur seals, sea lions, sharks, rays, and 26 species of native birds. Fourteen of these of which make up the group known as Darwin's finches. Darwin's finches are a group of about fifteen species of passerine birds. They are well known for their remarkable diversity in beak function and form. They are often classified as the subfamily Geospizinae or tribe Geospiza. They belong to the tanager family and are not closely related to the true finches. This discovery from Darwin is probably the biggest of his whole life.

On the Origin of Species, published on 24 November 1859, is a work of scientific literature by Charles Darwin which is considered to be the foundation of evolutionary biology. Darwin's book introduced the scientific theory that populations evolve over the course of generations through a process of natural selection.This was one of Darwin's best books. Many things can be learned from this book he wrote. He is a very good person to look up to and therefore, i wrote this paper about him. He started from the bottom, and became a very inspirational and smart scientist and author.

Darwin was a inspirational person because of the life that he lived and the way he made a big life for himself. Imagine way back then, all alone and you have to make money some way. Well, Charles Darwin conquered that exact thing. He found something he loved to do in life, science and discovery, and he made it his living. He was so determined to go to the islands and discover new things, so he went and did that thing. He followed his dream, and made it come true. He is a true role model and should be one to everybody.

I also decided to write my speech and tribute on Charles Darwin because he reminds me of my dad. He reminds me of my dad because he is a chemist, so he uses some of Darwin's theories and discoveries. I also look up to Darwin because he was just so determined that he wrote a book about all his discoveries and theories. I find it fascinating that somebody could be this determined to do something! In conclusion, Charles Darwin is a great man and we should all look up to him for the discoveries and theories he made, and how determined he was to complete them and follow his Dream!

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