The Fascinating World of Video Games

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We live in a world that stands out for the significant number of stimulus and information produced at all times coming from the most remote places of our society. Video games make it possible for people to put themselves in new virtual reality and can simulate a fantasy environment. Impacts of video games can be harmful to humanity because of aspects that change our reality. Modern gaming culture simulates people to live in a virtual world, leads to the escapism of social reality and stimulate aggressively. In this created world, the individual has often, depending on the theme of the game, the possibility (usually rewarded) of being or being doing everything that due to our ethics and morals.With the technological advancement, which increasingly allows a level of simulation close to the real and many people of all ages.The immersion power of video games is the sequence of challenges improved considerably, to the point where in some cases, be better than reality, or succeeding imitates with perfection. In virtual reality realistic simulators like for example, we can mention the game America's Army, a simulator of war used by the American army, the other and a simulator of a plane, a simulator of highly realistic flight. Video games lead us to alternate realities, maybe that's the biggest reason for your success. When we play, we are not ourselves, but a character, who lives in own universe, with his own rules and objectives. Clive Thompson argues that " The one thing that both apocalyptics and utopians understand and agree upon is that every new technology pushes us toward new forms of behaviors while nudging us away from older, familiars' ones"(Thompson 450). In other words, when we play, we get rid of our current reality. For some time, our problems disappear, the school doesn't matter, the job doesn't matter, and the family. Our goals begin to be the same as the character we command. And unlike real life, in games the targets are usually well delineated they know what they need to do, and they know there's a way to do it, victory is always possible and eminent, the rewards come quickly. Another big difference is that in the world of games, everyone can be big. No matter who you are, everyone can save the world and become great heroes, worthy of thanks and great rewards. This makes the video game a means of escapism in the world we live in, and so it presents itself as an exciting means of entertainment. According to Audrey uses the same kind of tinkering as she experiments with her avatars in virtual worlds. She builds the first version to "put something out there. Then comes months of adjusting, of "seeing the new kinds of people I can hang with " by changing how she represents herself. Change your avatar, change your world (Audrey 513).These factors, which make the video game to be what it is, cause some people do tend to put these fanciful worlds above the real world, giving greater importance, for example, the evolution of their avatar in an online game than their own development as an individual In the middle where it is inserted, such as school and work.
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