Smartphones should be Allowed in School

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The number of people who own cell phones has increased dramatically over the years. Cell Phones have evolved rapidly to the point that they are no longer used just for calling. Today's smartphones are capable of texting, taking pictures, recording videos, playing games, and have full access to the internet and information. Smartphones have become a lot cheaper as well that they are now accessible to almost everyone, as a result more and more younger people now own smartphones, which leads to a question society and educators have been asking. Should cellphones be used in school?
I believe smartphones should not be used or allowed in school because of the negative effects that it may have on the students education. My reasoning behind my claim is one of the most common and known, it is a mayor distraction from school work.

The American University school of education found research showing that Americans tend to check their smartphones every 12 minutes. “Nearly 75 percent of teens have access to a smartphone, and with open Wi-Fi networks in schools, libraries, and at home, staying connected is effortless.” Due to being connected all the time, it has never been easier to get distracted from school lectures or school work. Because of how today’s society is, smartphones have become an essential tool. It is slowly taking over on how we socialize and learn. Teachers already struggle with maintaining students attention during class, and with smartphones this can provide students with another way to lose focus and escape the classroom lessons, many teachers feel that students grades have declined as a result.
My second reason is the failure to multitask which later leads to lower grades,
Many students think they can divide their attention in the classroom without harming their academic success, they stay with the idea, stating that they can multitask but in reality, “research has shown that multitasking can be detrimental to one's academic performance”.

My 3rd and final reason is the loss of face to face interaction, While cell phones can help encourage participation by offering different channels, this can also lead to less in-person discussions and fewer learning opportunities.“ Learning to work together with others is an important part of students education, and can be lost with too much dependence on cell phones and other digital technology”. Is social interaction the same as face to face interaction? The use of cellphones for an extended period of time can create a disconnection between some students, sports, and even family interactions. If cellphones are permitted in the classroom, a similar consequences will be seen with the teacher, the staff, and even the topic that is being learned.Teachers are also worried because cell phones have gotten so small that they are now easy to hide.

“Understandably, some may believe that children’s safety is improved if parents and children can reach one another by phone during the school day. However, in order to get a message from their parents, students must constantly monitor their phones, even during class”.

Many parents argue that the cellphones have made their lives a lot easier by allowing communication to be taken place in school, but at school, a child can be accessed fairly easy through the school office, which guides me to believe that there should be no need for a cellphones in school.
Overall, I feel that cellphones should be banned in school, or that students should be allowed them as long as they are switched off at all times in the school day. I believe ALL mobile phones should be switched off during school hours and if a parent needs to make contact with their child they should ring the school office who will pass on the message across.

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