Should Students be Allowed to Wear School Uniforms?

I do think students should be allowed to wear school uniforms because it represents respect towards your school. Wearing uniforms can make students realize that school is important, in addition to there school rules. Having to wear uniforms make students feel comfortable in their bodies because they will be wearing the same thing. Wearing uniforms will make students understand that everyone will be treated equally.

Principles, teachers and the students will understand the message in wearing uniforms. Uniforms; keep students focused on their education and not their clothes. Uniforms help students focus on the important things about the school like getting good grades and being successful. Schools should put the focus on school, and not in what they are wearing. National Association of Secondary School Principals stated that “”When all students are wearing the same outfit, they are less concerned about how they look and how they fit in with their peers; in addition, they can concentrate on their schoolwork.””

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Uniforms give them a sense of belonging and a feeling of being socially accepted. Uniforms have a good effect on students and teachers. School uniforms are likely to reduce peer pressure and bullying in schools. Students will probably feel less pressure and there might be a slight competition between students. Research of 83% of teachers in a school thought school uniforms could prevent bullying based on appearance or economic background.

Wearing school uniforms will enhance school pride, unity, and school spirit. Students will know that wearing uniforms will motivate your school pride and mascot. As a person, wearing a school uniform will help understand the way your school is like. Wearing uniforms will help you become confident within yourself because wearing them will make you feel accepted in the school you are in. Teachers perceived an increase in the level of respect, caring, and trust throughout the school and students are made to feel ‘important’ and as if they are a part of a team by wearing a uniform.

There are good aspects to wearing school uniforms. Those reasons are that uniforms help troubled students feel they have the support of a community. Uniforms send a message to those within your school. That message is that you’re not in this alone, you and school are proud to have you. They are less likely to make feel lonely, and unwanted. There are so many kinds of people but wearing them will only make you feel equally the same.

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