The Role of Cell Phones in School

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Cell phones are great and very important in our daily lives, but they shouldn't be allowed in the classroom. We come to school to be educated and to get direction for our futures, that is extremely important and we should get rid of our biggest distraction. Cell phones are distracting, can be used for cheating, and can be disrespectful to the teacher.

Cell phones are a huge distraction to basically all students. A ringing cell phone can stop the whole class and slow the progression of the teaching. "New research finds having a mobile device within easy reach divides your attention, even if you're not actively looking at it." Students can easily surf the web, get on social media, and send text messages. If they were allowed, it would be all too easy to pull up twitter instead of doing something beneficial to learning. A vibrating cell phone is almost instinct to check right away, therefore distracting what could be a very important point in the lecture. Students cannot be expected to learn if they are not even paying attention
As a student cheating can be tempting. A cell phone makes that even worse.

Cheating in the classroom is the worst thing you can do, and cell phones make that easier. In Becky Dieffenbach’s opinion, bringing their own devices "just becomes a source of distraction for some students, because no matter how many times you repeat the rule that they can only be on technology when the teacher says it’s ok, they choose to ignore the rule and then disciplinary actions have to be enforced.". Cell phones nowadays are advanced enough that students could look up test answers quickly at the palm of their hand. Students can take pictures of the test and answers and send them to many other students and before long the whole class could have it. Taking it even farther, students can ask to be excused to go to the bathroom and send texts to get answers. The possibilities for cheating using a cell phone are limitless.

Many students will play on their phones and not pay attention to the teacher and the lesson that the teacher is giving. Students are sent to school to learn and by playing with cell phones during classes students are not learning anything that will help them with a career or their futures. Students can also text friends in other classrooms and not have their minds in the classroom that they are in. The text shows that teachers and parents agree that it would be a good idea to remove cell phones from classrooms.

From all of the cons of cellphones in the classroom, it can be concluded that they should not be allowed. They obviously cause a lot of distractions. Any student that is being brutally honest will confess that they have put off work to do something on their phone. Cheating is made a lot easier with cell phones, even though people will try to cheat no matter what, phones make it extremely easy. Most importantly it is also disrespectful to the teacher and disrespectful to your education. We come to school to be educated and to get direction for our futures, that is extremely important and we should get rid of our biggest distraction.

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