Phones in your School

Do you think we as students should be allowed to use cellphones in school? Many people use electronic devices in everyday jobs and we need to develop new skills to improve our knowledge of how to use technology in a correct manner. If students could use time management wisely,set ground rules and have restrictions for themselves,and use their cellphones at the right time and place we would probably use cellphones more often and frequently in everyday learning or even just for fun.

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“Phones in your School”

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In today’s generation as students we use electronics to create and change the world in so many ways weather its manufacturing world wide products to learning to even finding out about scientific discoveries to looking up information about writing essays and reading articles. Technology teaches us so many things about how capable we are of creating different things. As students we need to socialize and work together in teams,build our minds and put our ideas out there and compromise and technology teaches us these skills. We can express our creativity and what’s on our minds,find solutions to problems and try to fix them because everyone has a different perspective and another way we can accomplish these goals is with cell phones,computers,and ect. An example of this is nasa and engineers they use math and science,reading,writing,technology,multitasking,time management, knowledge. People with jobs who have similarities to this example work as teams and all bring their strong suits to the table and try to figure out complexed questions and use certain strategies.

Technology solves so many major problems around the world in all different types of of situations. “In the year of 2018 more than 4 billion people were using the internet”. 180,000,000 students were using electronics in 2017 from ages 13 to 17,which isn’t even all of the age groups in school because elementary students and college students also use electronics on a daily. Your school would save so much more money if you and your priors were allowed to use cellphones in school, but the problem with this is teachers and staff are worried that students will use the privileges they are given irresponsibly. If a student is acting up or being inappropriate teachers could give a after school detention or take their phone privileges away and make them sit in a room and do work if they continue to act up then you take their privileges away for a week and the punishment goes on until they continue to quit making the situation difficult. This is why you should convince your teachers and staff to let your school use their phones in class and for fun.

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