Phones should be Allowed in School

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Phones should be allowed in school. "There are many reasons for phones during school." "Phones can be a great learning tool during school and out of school. Phones can help the student for a job in the future." "The students need to learn how to be responsible with their device during school." " They should learn how to access emails, read the news, look at the weather, and call clients." "The students should know that they shouldn’t be listening to music, playing games, and messing around on their phones unless they have permission for the teacher." "They also shouldn’t be texting their friends during a test or during homework for the answers." "The teachers could have the students put their phones in their lockers and or on the teacher's desk." Then after the quiz or test, they could always go get their phones. "They could listen to music when done but with headphones and has to be appropriate music." "When they are done they can text their friends and have a conversation with them when done but can not be loud."

"They can download apps that help them with homework like Math, English, Science, Social Studies, and Reading." "They need to have apps to check their English papers and have a calculator to check math answers." They can have an app that helps them with the periodic table. "The teachers can have a charging station their rooms so when they have a test or homework and need to charge their phones they can do so. "There could also be charging stations in the hallways if we have a free class." "Phones shouldn’t just be allowed in high school they should be allowed from seventh and all throughout high school." "If they forgot their book or homework they can send a quick text to their parents to ask if they can get it for them or even a call."

"Not all kids have phones so the school could have a fundraiser and then they can buy phones for everybody in the school." It’s kind of like the iPads but smaller. "The iPads take up so much room and we could just put the phones in our pockets because everything could be on there." "There are so many reasons phones are important during school." Like say there is an intruder that comes they can text their parents for help. They can also call the police for help. "If people don’t know how to be responsible with their phones then the office can have them until they can learn how to be more responsible." "I know people think kids just want to play games all the time they really don’t well some do not all of them do." "Phones can help prevent stress because if they are having a stressful day they can always ask the teacher if they can listen to music while they work." "While everyone is doing their homework and reading they can listen to music of their choice."

"Whether you believe cell phones have a good effect on our society or not, the fact is that a growing number of children now have their own phones." "In fact, a 2016 survey showed that ownership of cellphones among 18-year-olds in the U.S. is now a whopping 100 percent." "If you’re on the fence about getting your child a cell phone of their own, there are reasons to justify getting your child a cell phone." "Earthquakes, fires, bad weather, traffic accidents there are many things that can happen during the day after your children leave the house for school." " Cell phones are a lifeline between a parent and their children, and cell phones also can be used to call emergency responders."

"If you need to get in touch with your parent because your running late, or you decide to go to a movie at the mall, there are few pay phones left for them to use to call you." Phones should be allowed in school for kids.

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