Cell Phones in Middle School

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In most schools cell phones are banned from being in use inside the school. In my opinion students should be able to use cell phones, but only when needed, but also for fun out of the classroom. Most teachers think it’s a distraction to most students because they think they cannot control themselves with technology such as cell phones. Most kids +13 use it for social media and people say that can be very distracting to the students while class. But I have evidence that cell phones can be used as academic tool, not just a distraction.

Students use up 20% of their class time on their phone in class checking social media, emails, and texting, but there is a chance that can be limited. I?m in the slight knowledge that high schoolers are able to use their cell phones in most schools, and middle schoolers no, but why not. Most people only permit it by how old your child is, and people think the age of maturity is in the high school years. Most kids get a text from their parents asking they're fine, but if a student gets caught using their phone they will get it confiscated, that may worry the parent because their child isn't texting back then will want to text their child again, that in the teachers eyes will make the student distracted and in more trouble.

In my elementary school, I remember kids having to put a sticker on their phone saying their name and parents phone number on it and in the beginning of the day they had to turn it in and in the end of the day go to the office to retrieve it. I?m guessing my school came up with that to prevent students from going on their phones while school so kids would be focused on their schoolwork. But in middle school we weren't forced to do that but not able to take our phones out. What?s the use of that, you have your phones and what if the chromebooks are dead and you still have nothing to do, and your perfectly charged phone is sitting there out ready for use. I don't understand why teachers won?t let the students use their phone even in that situation.

Teachers even confiscate it when we are in lunch break and have nothing to do at all. They can be used in emergency situations and if a kid doesn't have their phone that could have saved them, what do they do. Not all schools are able to afford top notch security and 911 is only and few taps away and cold ave everyones lives, this method could work in houses but of course cell phones are available. Some kids don't have cell phones and I can tell most of them have less cell phone trouble in school, maybe by a friends phone. But if a situation like this happened in a school I would get get something to at least call the police with.

Cell phones in middle school can be controlled not all teenagers are chaotic. Schools should have them allowed only for sometime when necessary. Young kids can't really control themselves with a cell phone but as middle schoolers we are young adults and can control our time on the phone. Phones should be permitted in middle school as well as high school because we are both close to the same age. Middle schoolers should be responsible about having their phone on campus, that's why they should be permitted.

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