Why Cell Phones are Great for School

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Who doesn’t have a cell phone these days?Cell phones are no longer specifically used for calling and texting. Cells phones have become a necessary item in our everyday lives. The modern cell phones are ground-breaking technology at the tip of your fingers. The real question is, Should students be allowed to use these devices at school? I believe that schools should not only allow cell phones but they should make them required.Cell Phones not only enable students to stay in touch with their family and companions but it also an phenomenal learning outlet.

First off, cell phones make it possible to stay in touch with friends and family.If a student forgets to grab their lunch money, if they are not feeling well or forgets to grab an assignment all they have to do is shoot a quick text or make a quick phone call to one of their family members. Likewise, cell phones gives parents the access to keep track of their children's location before, during and after school. And, A student may needs to call a family member because of a risky situation.For example, Columbine, Columbine is when two teenagers walked into the school with guns and bombs planning on hurting people.Thirteen innocent people were killed and a lot more would have died if it weren’t for cell phones. A student who were hiding for dear life calls the police and tells the police where the school was and what the murders look like.There are various stories like this one where cell phones saved people lives. Basically, having a cell phone is like having your own personal bodyguard.Additionally students can stay in touch with their friends and classmates, but not because it is a enjoyable thing to do, some teachers may ask the students to try to get in contact their friends when they aren’t at school to inform them on what their missing in class and to tell them if they have homework or not. A cell phone can be a essential communication device if used responsibly.

Additionally, cell phones are great learning devices. Cell phones have apps. Some people think that apps are distracting and non educational,but cell phones have many educational apps that could expand the student’s education. Which do you think that the student will enjoy more? Either learning lessons out of the book that is hard to understand or playing a fun education game.I would certainly choose the second option. Some apps that should already be installed on your phone include the calculator, stopwatch and dictionary. Almost every single phone has a calculator on it. Some students need to have a calculator because it is on their school supply list but if they already have a calculator on their phone they will not have to buy another one.Most phone have stopwatches on them. You can use the stopwatch for science class. When I was in high school school we used stopwatches for experiments and the teacher only had a limited amount so we had to take turns. Cell phones can be used as a dictionary and this can be remarkably useful in the classroom. You can always search on the internet for a word you don’t understand. Although, nearly every school has at least one computer in the classroom and a computer lab sometimes that still is not enough. Also, it can cost a lot of money to provide every student with their own computer, so a good option for research would be to use a cell phone if the student has one. I have used my cell phone in Math and English to keep track of my homework. My social studies teacher lets us use our cell phones to do research when we are doing group projects and to study before a test. For example, when we were learning about the Revolutionary War, we did research on the major battles that took place during the war on our phones in class. Cell Phones are a quick and easy way to use technology in the classroom.

Even though there are a lot of reasons that cell phones should be allowed in the classroom, there are also a few cons of having cellphones in the school environment.For example, cell phones can be a interruption to some peers. Some students may check Facebook or text their friends in class. One study shows that college students who uses their cell phones excessively show some of the symptoms drug addicts do. Cell phones can also lead to bullying at school. Researchers say that students who spends more time online and twice as likely to get involved with cyberbullying. Some students might even try to cheat while taking a test or on assignments. If the student doesn’t get caught, this can lead the student to having a poor understanding of the school work and it could cause problems in the future.

Finally, cell phones improves the mature use of technology. Cell phones can intensify the student’s learning when they master when and how to use their devices.A recent study shows that 90.7% of students uses their cell phone for school related work. The study also showed that 43% of students that attends a school where cell phones are not permitted are still using them to help them learn. On the other hand, 74% of students that attend a school where cell phones are allowed use the devices to help them learn.Cell phones will inspire the students to work and make them more self-sufficient. This will give the student the right to make their own choices. The instructor needs to make sure that the students understand the consequences. The instructor should take away the student’s phone, if they are texting when they should be listing or paying attention. Before a test, the teacher should collect all of the cell phones. The students will start to feel like they are getting treated like adults when the teacher lets them use their cell phone in class. By allowing the students to use their cell phones, it is actually helping them for the real world. There are not many jobs where a cell phone is not helpful. Engineers view blueprints, mechanics order parts from their phone and doctors compute dosages. The list is continuous. By the time the student enter their occupation, the need to use cell phones and other smart devices will be even potent. Not getting the students ready for the real world is inadvertent. If the teachers bear with the students and be patient the students will definitely become trustworth users of technology.

In conclusion, most people who go against the usage of cell phone in schools do it because of the interruptions and disturbance cell phones can cause. We have to realize that we live in a technology based world and these devices are an essential and important part of the world. If we don’t take advantage of the educational potential of the cell phone. Cell phones enhances communications, supplies learning tools and inspire appropriate use of technology. Instructors have to find ways to use this expectational cutting-edge technology in our schools.

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