Phones in School: Advantages and Disadvantages

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Phones should be aloud in school. "It helps students be ready for a job later on down the road." "There are many reasons that they need their phones like to know how to access their email, call anyone, read the news, and many more." " The kids and students need to know how to use their devices responsible in class and out of school." "The students should know they shouldn’t be playing any games at all, listening to music, and texting friends during a test to get the answers or even during class when the teacher is talking." The only time they should be able to do that is when the teacher gives you free time during class after all you have all your work done. They can listen to music with headphones. I also think they should be able to listen to music the kind that they want to listen to on their phones while they do their work.

"They can also download apps that help them during classes." "Apps that help provide information on one of the chemical elements in the periodic table and they can get, app that helps them research information on their English papers, and even get a calculator on their phones." When students take test the teachers can make sure that the students put up their phones in their lockers or on the teacher’s desk before a test. After the test then they can go get their devices from their lockers or from the teacher’s desk and then they can do the following listen to music, play games, and do other homework if the have any. If a student forget their homework or their book at home on the table that morning they could just call their parents or send them a quick text to ask if they could bring it to school. Also if something should go bad at school say a shooting they could always call the police and text their parents that the need to get help and send it to the school.

"The teachers can also have a charging station at the front of their classroom so when the students are doing homework, test, or reading and they need to charge their phones they can do so while they do there other work." It shouldn’t just be the High Schoolers that can have their phones in class every grade in middle school should be able to have their phones in class maybe not the fifth and sixth graders the reason that is because they don’t know how to use them responsible. "The reason that is because the are really young and have not grown up enough." But some students don’t have a phone to use during school but maybe if we have a fundraiser for the school and we get enough money we cold by phones for the school kid of like the iPads but we could have phones instead.

Cell phones can really help kids with education. Phones are really a good effective learning tool. There are so many reasons why phones are important during class. "If people don’t know how to be responsible with their phones they are not aloud to have them anymore." If they need to do any research they can as a friend for help and ask if they can use their phones. When students need to do a project together they can look up different kinds of topics and models to do. You can get tons of research on the phones. "We could always check on a grammar checker as well." "We can also have Bluetooth keyboards we can type on instead of just with our thumbs so we can have typing practice." There are tons of ideas when people want to ban phones because they think all kids want to do is play games that’s why they need to learn how to be responsible with them.

"Phones can help prevent stress because some people listen to music to not have stress so they could get some work done while listening to the music of their choice. "It also helps the kids be more quiet." "If we have everything done we could just text our friends and have a conversation only if our work is complete." Phones need to be aloud in school.

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