Recommendations to Overcome the Weaknesses in Thungs Restaurant

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Recommend with justification, appropriateactions to overcome the identified weakness in the business.

  1. Seek appropriate financing to improve on business to maximize earnings potential.
  2. Redecorate the facility and erect appropriate and attractive billboard signs to attract customers as a form of advertisement. This can also be done through electronic media. Discussed by Curtis (2013) “advertising is mass media content intended to persuade audiences of readers, viewers or listeners to take action on products, services and ideas.”
  3. Expand on dining area with adequate seats for customers.
  4. Outsourcing your payroll. This could drastically increase your cash flow. According to Share (n.d.) “some of the benefits of outsourcing include lower operational costs, greater flexibility in provision of services, ability to focus on core business or operations which results in better customer service and better quality product offerings, find resources that are not available in house, get access to world class capabilities and sharing risks to name a few.”

Analyze ways in which existingperformance could be maintained and strengthened.

  1. Continuation of the restaurant catering and take out services.
  2. Introduce new improved meals: this way customers can never gets tired of your restaurant with the same regular meals but to spice and change their appitites. They will always be looking forward to what’s new on the menu.
  3. Advertisement and promotion campaign: getting more persons aware of the business hence more sales can come in.
  4. Knowing customer preferences. This can be done by doing surveys. Find out their likes and dislikes in menus.
  5. Decorate food boxes with logos: doing so would make Thungs restaurant stand out differently from her competitors.

Recommend with justification, newareas in which the business could beexpanded.

  1. Create an area for entertainment for pool bar and gaming machinery. The restaurant could be making more money by having additional compartments instead of making more than one trip persons could come to the restaurant where they have them all in one location.
  2. Develop niche market. According to Buzzle (2013) “niche marketing is a smart business strategy of targeting only some of the customers who have common needs and buying habits, instead of all the customers.”
  3. Having a supreme venture machine.
  4. Having risk assessments done. This may include regular food safety inspections. This is monitoring the food service industry to reduce the health and safety risks to consumers and employees. Recommendations Thungs Restaurant began in 2006 by Miss Yvonne Thungs. Throughout her services as a restaurant manager Miss Thungs encountered strengths and weaknesses of her business. Strengths of the business are what keep the business going forward and in order for it to become productive. To improve on the weaknesses of the business, management has to identify the weaknesses, analyze and make the necessary solutions. Challenges Miss Thungs faces as a restaurant manager is that she is unable to expand. This can be resolve by acquiring a loan. Acquiring a loan will also assist her in buying the equipment for her catering services. Also lack of advertisement. I would recommend she get some advertisement done by various means such as social media, radio, posters, television among others.

Management must have business objectives and plans.Objectives are the end result of something you’re trying to achieve. Employees should be working towards these so that they can be achieved in the long run. The firm may or may not reach their desired state but chances of doing so are at a high level if objectives and plans are framed and understood properly. In order to carry out thee an action plan is needed. Action plan will help you on deciding what steps you may wish to take on achieving the goal of your business. I recommend that management should adhere to all legal requirements to avoid any legal actions including registration of business and pay legal tax. Being registered will avoid any closure of your business.

Certificate of registry can be displayed to help boost customer confidence in business. Having your business registered also makes it easier for the operator to access loans when needed from financial institutions. The paying of legal tax to avoid a summon and you may have to pay a fine. Also to follow the guidelines set out by Ministry of Health (MOH). Every employee should have a recent food handler’s permit. Having regular pest control. This is to protect the business from pest problems. Some of the pests may include mice, cockroaches, ticks, ants, spiders, wasps and bees. A restaurant has to be free from these pests as there are foods being prepared and sold to various customers. Having pest in the workplace and infect foods customers are to eatwill result in closure of business if persons continuously become ill after eating from your restaurant. The proprietor might also face some serious charges. I also recommend that the business do regular accounting to check spending and savings.

Savings is a must in any organization. Discussed by (Youthlink Magazine 26 February 2013, p. 27) provides information on how to save money. Having regular accounting done will be able to allow the business to know if they are spending too much and where some of the spending can be cut off and where more savings can be done. Businesses must display appropriate customer service. Customers need to feel appreciated for their service. Employees must be properly trained giving a smile towards customers at all times and speak politely. All employees should be treated equally and fairly. They are the ones who represent the organization. The employer must ensure that employees are satisfied and motivated by rewarding them with monetary and non-monetary incentives. One of the non-monetary incentives that can be done is having employee of the month to boost the other employees to work well. Others that may be done are job enrichment, job enlargement, job rotation. Employees are due benefits. Having a motivated staff will improve the efficiency of employees.

The quality of the foods should be monitor. Customers like to get quality for their money. There must be properly trained chefs in order for foods to prepare well hence the quality of the food will be excellent and the right quantity should be given to them also. Conclusion The research was based on small business enterprise. The profile of the two businesses, the management company (Wright Consultant And Financial Corporation) and the client’s company (Thungs Restaurant) was written in the introduction. The method that was used to find out about the restaurant included an interview with Miss Thungs. A sample of the interview can be seen in figure 1.2. The methods however, that were used to carry out the research included the internet, books and articles. The research dealt with actions which could be used to overcome the weaknesses in the restaurant, ways in which performance could be maintained and strengthened and areas in which business could be expanded. Recommendations were made how Miss Thungs could improve on her weaknesses and how she could have her business expand.


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