A Review of the Pirates’ House and the History of the Restaurant

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House is a notable eatery and bar built up in 1753. It’s situated is Savannah, Georgia. It is believed that Pirates’ House is the oldest building standing in Georgia. This restaurant stands out as one of the major tourist attractions in Georgia. This comprehensive narrative reviews the restaurant as a business as well as a historic entry together with the activities that were undertaken in the restaurant since it was established.

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“A Review of the Pirates’ House and the History of the Restaurant”

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Criteria 1

House was based on a plot of land that had been set aside to be a botanical research garden. The garden was assigned to Oglethorpe’s Trustees. Oglethorpe selected botanists from around the globe to procure plants for the venture, such plants include, cotton, therapeutic herbs, indigo and flavors. The garden was put up with the hope of boosting the wine and silk industries that were mushrooming by then, the garden later centered its operations to growing mulberry trees. The soil and climate states in however did not favor the mulberry trees. The wine and silk industries also crumbled as a result of those factors. The garden would later develop cotton farming that quickly became the staple for the residents of Georgia.

The small building had therefore been built to house the gardeners who worked in the farm. The house was formerly known as the herb house due to its old age. By 1754, Savannah was rapidly growing as a port town thus the residents decided that it was no longer relevant to have a botanical garden. The herb house was therefore transformed to serve as a tavern and an inn where visiting seamen from abroad would be housed[ CITATION Fra15 \ 1033 ]. The pirate’s house started to constantly house seamen and pirates and with time, it started to earn a bad reputation and the general public started to avoid it. The pirate’s house did not earn its status by rumor; many sailors had been reported missing from this restaurant. Duisburg captains who needed slave men frequented the inn and took away vulnerable drunkards. The restaurant was initially owned by captain Flint.

The savannah gas company would later buy Pirates house and the neighboring land in the 1900s. Mrs. Hansell Hilyer who was the wife to the president of Savannah Gas Company was attracted to the design of the building in the premises they had bought. She rehabilitated the museum house into a restaurant with 15 dining rooms with a capacity of 120 guests. It started operations and served several varieties of southern dishes. Frances McGrath’s book “The Pirate’s House Cook Book” lists the recipes that the restaurant offered.

Criteria 2

The pirate’s house is a notable restaurant most significantly because of the stories that it is founded on. The restaurant holds an annual competition known as the Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia’s where they different entries showcase their innovative recipes and at the same time have a time to celebrate the history of the restaurant.

The restaurant has earned several good reviews for their delicious food and their exclusive service and theme. The residents of historic Georgia view it as a source of their pride and it relatively sees a consistent flow of tourists who come to share the experience and learn the history. The pirate’s house has been used in a handful of contexts which includes Robert Stevenson’s book “Treasure Island” which was written in 1881. It is believed that the novelist was inspired by the house and the activities that were happening in the house. Some pages of the novel where the action was from the restaurant are displayed in one of the rooms in the restaurant.

The pirate’s house serves several people each with a different goal. May people travel from far destinations to have an exclusive service in a restaurant that is believed to be haunted by the souls of the initial owners and those of the sailors that died in the restaurant in the 17s and 18s. Besides that, people like to see the restaurant for its old design from the 17.

Criteria 3

One of the most fascinating parts of the hotel is the set of ancient staircases that lead into unseen tunnels that are underneath the restaurant. It is believed that the tunnels beneath the restaurant ran to the banks of Savannah River. The strong men drinking at the bar were dragged via the staircases, to the tunnels and drugged. They would then be dragged through the tunnel to a ship and forced to be part of the crew.
The restaurant is a vibrant business that has employed a handful of employees. In the event that the restaurant is closed, several people would lose their jobs and a spring of pride for the Historic Georgia would have dried. People visiting the town often visit the restaurant for delicious foods and interesting ghost stories. Since the 18s, the structure of the restaurant has barely changed. This is most likely because the restaurant needs to preserve the original feel of the house since it was built. Many people who would like to see the building and attribute it to the story behind it will often visit the restaurant and that acts as the restaurant’s point of sale.


This restaurant has been a favorite spot for everyone who visits as it was the same case for the privateers and sailors for several years. The food and drinks were as terrific as they still are now. It is no surprise that the pirates would hang around the place that they enjoyed and loved when they were alive, like we do today.

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